Roderick Chungong Names A Leader

Good Counsel (Maryland) defensive lineman Roderick Chungong returned from a recent trip to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech and named his top three schools. One of those schools is now his leader.

Roderick Chungong's trip to Atlanta was a successful one. "I was just down at Georgia Tech this past week and I really, really enjoyed my visit. I liked Atlanta so much I wished I could have stayed longer."

Roderick has family that only lives twenty minutes from Georgia Tech. "That is a big plus for me. I got a chance to see the scrimmage and talk with Coach (Andy) McCollum for the first time. He is a very cool guy and I really like and respect him." Tech is recruiting Roderick to play defensive end in their 3-4 defense.

Georgia Tech appears to have taken the lead following Roderick's visit last weekend. "The atmosphere there is awesome. I have a check list and they have everything I am looking for on that check list. I kind of have a top three and Georgia Tech is the one school I can honestly say is on that top three. Virginia might be up there but I do know Georgia Tech is definitely up there on that list."

The check list that Roderick mentioned, has some specific things that he's looking for in making his college choice. "I want a school with a great strength and conditioning program and Georgia Tech definitely has that. Education is another point on that list and a Tech degree goes very far in life."

Chungong hopes to work in the communication field. " I know they have a lot of connections with CNN and can get me over there. In fact a linebacker from last year is at CNN and has appeared on TV. That shows you if I went to Georgia Tech, the connections they have can get me a good foot in the door on my communication degree."

Another point that will factor in to Roderick's decision is location. "I don't want my parents to have a long trip to come see me. I know Tech is about a 10 hour drive but it is about 2 hours by plane. That's not a drawback at all."

The last item on Roderick's check list is playing time. "I see that I have a chance to come and get that with hard work."

Chungong has been in contact with Coach Al Groh throughout his recruitment. "He calls when he can and send me a lot of mail. He has made it very clear that I am one of the players he wants very much."

Roderick also has a few more visits planned this spring. "I will be going to Rutgers in about two to three weeks. Then sometime in May, I will go to Michigan State to check them out. They were my first offer and I want to see them in person."

Look for Roderick to make a return trip to Georgia Tech. "I will probably be going back sometime in the summer. I might even make the spring game, I'm not sure though. One thing I do know is that Georgia Tech is the only school that I know I will be taking an official visit this year. I plan on taking all five and Tech is the one school I know I will going on an official visit."

Chungong will likely make his choice following his senior season. "I have had some people telling me to make an early decision but I feel I need to make some visits to be sure." Top Stories