On Which Side of The Ball Will Cole Roll?

East Coweta (Georgia) tight end Cole Trolinger has been receiving interest from schools during the evaluation period. Last Friday he received a visit from one school that is not recruiting him as a tight end.

The visit came from Georgia Tech Coach "Buzz" Preston. "He came by and talked with my coach and to check on me. I was told that Georgia Tech is very interested in me as a defensive end. I know I play tight end at my high school but it is I am very interested in the idea of possibly played defense."

Georgia Tech is a school that interest Cole Trolinger. "I have a 4.0 GPA and take my academics very serious. Tech is close to home and that is very appealing to me." Coach Preston left Cole a camp package for the dates of Tech's summer camps. "They want me to come for their camp in June. I very excited about that and will look at the dates to see what I can do."

Cole didn't receive an offer on Preston's visit but that could happen if he performs well at Tech's camp." I was told that they wanted me to come to the camp to let them see me work as a defensive end since Georgia Tech doesn't use a tight end."

Trolinger has a list of top schools with interest. "I am hearing from Florida State, Tennessee, and Duke. I have visited schools like Mississippi State and Auburn and I am interested in Alabama and Florida." Central Florida is another school that has expressed interest in Cole attending their camp."

With all the interest he's receiving, Cole is not ready to name a leader. "I am wide open right now. I did like the visit to Mississippi State though but I do not have any leaders. I don't have any offers and I would like to see what offers I do get before I start naming any teams as leaders."

Would the position he plays in college have a role in his decision? "I would throw out the positions in looking at the schools. I would look at which school had the best academics and which coaching staff I felt the most comfortable with. I wouldn't let the position get in the way of making my decision."

There are somethings that Cole feels he does better than others on the field. "I feel I am very good blocker and I can catch the ball well. As pure football player I feel that I am very physical and work hard."

The 6'4"-235 Trolinger hopes to get a chance to play on both sides of the ball this season. "I sure hope I can so I can get more playing time and more chances to help my team win and that's what it is all about to me."

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