The First 30 Days of the Brian Gregory Era

When Coach Brian Gregory arrived at Georgia Tech, he hit the ground running. Not only did he have to get assistant coaches hired for the short upcoming recruit contact period but he also had a short time frame allowed by the NCAA to work out the current players. "The first thirty days is always hectic but it's an exciting hectic pace."

Coach Brian Gregory had three groups he wanted to hit during that period. "The first group is the current players with the workouts trying to be at every weight workout and every individual workout. Coach Gregory spent that time getting to know the players better. "I think we had a very productive month of workouts. We did a good job of taking some steps forward in preparing for what we have to do next year"

Two of the young players that Gregory took a look at were center Daniel Miller and wing player Jason Morris. " I was impressed with both of those kids and I think they both have a bright future." Coach Gregory feels they have a big growth gap that they can continue to grow in this coming season. Morris'versatility is something we'll use to make him successful in our system."

Brandon Reed will be one of the unknown quantities going into next season based on how he'll be used. "He's going to have a lot of opportunities to play different roles for us. He can score the ball and he has the athletic ability toplay defense the way we want to play it." Reed's role will increase with the news of Iman Shumpert staying in the draft.

The second group Gregory hit was the recruits. "The first order of business was to secure Julian. He and his family were great and I even got to see him workout on the last day of the contact period." Coach Gregory also tried to navigate through the Ray Parks situation which is still ongoing.

With the changes made by the NCAA, the spring recruiting season has changed. "You don't get to see the kids play very much but you do get to see some high school open gyms." Coach Gregory and his newly hired assistant coaches spent that time stopping by the schools to check on academics and to meet the high school coaches. "The coaches in the Atlanta area have been tremendous and very open in letting us know where we're at and they know that we're going to actively recruit this area."

The philosophy for the staff was to concentrate their recruiting on the state of Georgia. They have already witnessed that this will be a successful tactic talent-wise. "There are enough players in the state of Georgia to fill a great program. At the same time, youwant to leave that footprint sometimes as you can't offer the same opportunity to everybody." Coach Gregory knows that his bread is going to be buttered in Georgia and he wants to emphasize that.

Coach Gregory also feels that this will make it easier to get recruits on campus for unofficial visits. "Unofficial visits to football games and basketball games and getting kids on campus to spend a couple of hours with us is a big key for us because the recruiting process has been so sped up." Gregory feels that this will also help them to learn more about the recruit off the court.

The groundwork for going after these Georgia recruits was laid with the hiring of Josh Postorino and Chad Dollar. "They both have great relationships with coaches throughout the entire state of Georgia. They're both good coaches and recruiters." In Coach Gregory's eyes the most important thing about them is that they both wanted to be at Georgia Tech and they both believe in the Georgia Tech product.

Look for Coach Gregory to break down his staff in a manner similar to football. He'll be assigning each coach a particular position to coach. That will evolve as they get into their second month at Georgia Tech.

The third and final area that Coach Gregory looked at was the academic side of things. "We wanted to get a good feel for the academic situation in terms of the monitoring, the tutoring, and what it takes to be successful here." Top Stories