Renewed Interest In Miller Grove Big Men

Coach Sharman White led the Miller Grove to their third straight Georgia AAAA basketball championship this past season. We talked with Coach White about two of his top players and the interest they're getting from the newly hired staff at Georgia Tech.

Center Tony Parker has received strong interest from schools around the country and his teammate and power forward Brandon Morris has seen his recruitment take a big jump following the championship season.

One of the schools that has been in contact with Coach White is Georgia Tech. Coach Brian Gregory and his newly hired staff have shown a renewed interest in the Miller Grove recruits. "They've come in and made it very clear that they are going to recruit both Brandon and Tony. They've put themselves in a good position with those guys.

Brandon Morris didn't have an apparent connection with the previous staff at Georgia Tech. That seems to have changed with the Brian Gregory hire. "I think Coach Gregory really sees the upside on Brandon. He was excited about his ability and the things he can do on the floor.

Morris is getting attention from schools around the country. "Florida has offered him, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Xavier, Memphis, and Ohio State. He's receiving a good amount of interest."

Coach Gregory isn't the only one on the staff in contact with Coach White and the two recruits. "Coach (Chad) Dollar has done a good job communicating with those guys as much as he can but Coach Gregory has also been sure that he's been able to evaluate those guys."

With the proximity of Miller Grove to Georgia Tech's campus the likelihood of their taking some unofficial visits is very good. "They definitely want to get both of those guys over for unofficial visits."

The recruitment of Parker by the new staff at Georgia Tech is a little more than a renewal in Coach White's eyes. "It's a little heightened because I think they see the urgency of having Tony Parker stay home. Tony has been pretty receptive to it."

The question many are asking is when will Tony and Brandon make their decisions? With school closing in two weeks both recruits may be ready to start cutting their list with the help of Coach White. "We have a goal to get it down to five or seven schools by the time we finish school here." From there both recruits will be able to go about their business of wrapping things up.

With so many schools recruiting both of his players, Coach White has been there to help them deal with all the attention. "I just tell them to listen to what everyone is telling them and to have an open mind. I want them to look at the style each coach plays and to see if it is a program they can grow in and on the academic side know what field you want to go in as a major.

Morris had made has made it known that he prefers a particular style of play. "He's looking for an uptempo style because he's very good at handling the ball in the open court. He's also a good pressure defender so those two things fit his style."

With the time drawing near for Morris and Parker to start making some decisions about their basketball futures, there will be a lot of interest focused on Miller Grove. Coach Sharman White will be there to guide them along that path. Top Stories