Coach Speed Makes Visit to James Hamilton

Orlando Olympia offensive lineman James Hamilton is drawing interest from schools around the south. James currently holds fourtenn offers. Georgia Tech Coach Coach Speed stopped by his high school and spoke with his coach and picked up his transcripts to evaluate James.

Coach Speed made the trip to Orlando to evaluate James Hamilton. "Coach Speed stopped by my high school and talked with my coach. He picked up my transcripts and told my coach that they are very interested in me."

Hamilton's transcripts will be evaluated before a decision on offering can be made. "I was really excited to know that Georgia Tech is interested in me. I'd love to have an offer from them." Hamilton is hoping to hear back as soon from Coach Speed.

Hamilton plays on both sides of the ball but Georgia Tech likes him as an offensive lineman. "My coach told me that Coach Speed said they are looking at me as interior lineman, probably as a center or guard if I were to play at Georgia Tech."

James is getting a lot of attention this spring in addition to Georgia Tech. "Today I picked up an offer from Kentucky and last week I picked up an offer from North Carolina. That brings my total to fourteen offers."

Hamilton is holding off on naming leaders until he sees if other schools will be offering him. "I really want to see what other schools offer me. I know Georgia Tech is an offer I am hoping to get so I don't want to name a school a leader until I get all the offers."

Choosing a school will be a decision Hamilton will make in a time frame based on the offers he receives. "I know it will be sometime either this summer if a school offers that I really like or I might wait until my senior season. I know I will be enrolling early wherever I go, so it will not be a drawn out decision."

As is the case with many recruits, academics will be a factor in Hamilton's decision. "I also want a coaching staff that will prepare you for life in and out of football, ones that care for you as person not just what you can do on the football field. I want to go to a school that feels like home and the teammates you have feels like a family to you."

The 6'4"-328 Hamilton's strongest trait is his explosion off the ball. "I love to hit and I am a head hunter when it comes to blocking. I am pretty fast for a guy my size and I feel that I finish plays."

Hamilton is looking to get bigger, stronger, and faster. "I want to improve my game all around. One thing I'd like to do is lose a little weight and I think that would help me reach those goals." Top Stories