Thornton: Just A Visit Away From A GT Offer?

Running back Shadrach Thornton has a few offers so far, but is still waiting on a scholarship offer from Georgia Tech. However, he remains confident that he is close to receiving one after speaking with a couple of Georgia Tech coaches in the last few weeks.

Profile - Shadrach Thornton

Out of Liberty County High School in Hinesville, GA, Thornton is a speedy running back that has gotten the attention of the Yellow Jackets. However, the coaches would like to see him work out in person before they extend an offer his way.

"Coach (Lamar) Owens came to visit me last week, and he told my coach that he liked my size and thought I had gotten bigger and faster," Thornton said. "He really wants me to make another visit to campus."

The 2012 recruit has been informed by the coaches that attendance at a GT camp this summer is a very big deal if he is interested in playing for the Yellow Jackets. After multiple conversations with Owens, his recruiting coach at Tech, Thornton is a believer that if he attends a camp in Atlanta, he will have an offer waiting for him.

"The chances are definitely high," Thornton said about the offer. "I'm going to make another visit, and I'm definitely going to attend a camp."

Owens isn't the only coach at Georgia Tech that is contacting Thornton – he recently received a call from head coach Paul Johnson himself. Thornton said that was a call that he was definitely excited to take.

"He told me that he had seen my highlight tape, and he was a very big fan of the way I run," Thornton said.

According to Thornton, the offer is coming, as long as he makes the trip to Georgia Tech this summer. And based on how ready he is to go camping, it appears there will be an offer extended his way in a matter of months. Top Stories