New Number 1 for Josh Manley

Milton defense lineman Josh Manley at one time had Stanford as his leader. After doing some research on the schools recruiting him, Manley has a new school as his leader. Josh still expects to make a signing day decision.

Josh Manley is happy with the way things are going with his recruitment. "It is going good. I just picked up an offer from Central Florida recently and after doing some research I have named a new leader at this time."

The offer from Central Florida brings Josh's offer total to six. "Right now I have 6 offers, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, NC State, Boston College, and Syracuse."

Stanford is no longer Manley's leader. After doing some research on a local school, Manley has named Georgia Tech as his leader. "I want to major in Computer Engineering and I've read that Georgia Tech is definitely in the top 25 in the nation and I think I saw where they are in the top ten in that field."

That ranking means a lot to Josh. "My education does come first and football is second. I can go almost anywhere and play football but you just can't go to any school and get a great education in my field and that is why Georgia Tech has moved up from number three to the top on my list." Manley grew up watching Georgia Tech and really likes the school.

Manley has spoken to his recruiting coach Lamar Owens and his position coach Andy McCollum. "They both have said they want me to come over to the campus and see everything like a student would." The Tech coaches have also invited Manley to their summer camp.

Josh is not ready to make a decision and his favorites list could change. "I plan on doing a lot of research on the schools that are showing interest in me. Depending on what that research shows me, the leader for me could change. I know that it will all depend on what I find out about each school."

Manley's family is also getting involved in the process. "My mom loves Auburn and wants me to go there. We had some family that went to Auburn and that is why she loves them. My uncle is a big Ohio State fan and wants me to go there. Both of them know that this decision is one I have to make and live with and they will support me 100% no matter where I go."

With Georgia Tech as his new leader, Josh now has a new top four. "Right now my list is like this, 1. Georgia Tech 2. Syracuse 3. Stanford 4. Wake Forest."

As you can tell from the schools on the list, distance will not be a factor in Manley's decision. "I know my mom will love for me to be close to home so she can see me play. Overall, it will not play a major factor in making my decision."

Josh has not completed his plans will be for the summer. He does know one school he'll be visiting. "Right now the only camp I know I will be attending with be the one at Central Florida. The reason I know this is that our whole team will be attending and it is more of a team camp than an individual one. I am in the process of deciding which ones fits both my schedule and travel times."

Despite the changes in his favorites list, Josh has not changed his mind on when he'll make his decision. "I'm still sticking to probably making it around signing day. This decision is an important one and I want to make it with all the best possible information." Top Stories