Devin Fuller Is A Sought After Player

Old Tappan quarterback Devin Fuller is still looking at schools and is not in any rush to start trimming his list. He is hoping to add more offers to his ever growing list of offers. Look for Fuller to trim that list by the end of July.

Devin Fuller is getting to the stage in his recruitment may be a bit overwhelming. "It is beginning to get a little hectic. I get a lot of calls from schools and coaches and I am still receiving offers from schools."

In spite of all the attention, Devin has not thought about cutting down the list of schools that have offered. "I still would like to see and hear from schools. By the end of July, I will have my list trimmed down."

One of the schools that looks to be on that trimmed down list is Georgia Tech. "They are recruiting me very hard and most likely they will make the list of schools."

Fuller recently received a visit from Georgia Tech coaches Charles Kelly and Brian Bohannon. "They told my coach that I was the guy they want at quarterback and I was very glad to know that. Some schools are recruiting me at defensive back and I want to go to a school that has plans for me as a quarterback and it was great to hear that I am the guy that are targeting at quarterback."

Fuller has not made any plans to return to Tech or other schools. "We don't get out of school until June 24th and that makes it a little hard to set up camps or any visits right now. We are out until the first part of September but having a date so late in June to get out makes it tough to set up any plans."

Although he probably won't be able to visit Georgia Tech this summer, Fuller has had enough information to go on in making decisions about the school. "I learned a lot on the two trips down there and the coaches have been very good about informing me about Georgia Tech and what the school has for me. They are recruiting me very hard."

While distance may not be a factor in his decision it could give schools closer to home a slight advantage. "Distance will not be a deal breaker but it will give some schools closer to home a little bit of an advantage." Top Stories