Atlanta Area Mike Hall Opening Eyes

Michael Hall is a 6-9, 195 pound rising senior, who is getting a lot of attention this AAU Season. He competed this weekend in a tournament in Birmingham with his Atlanta-based team, The Worldwide Renegades. During the school year he carries a 3.5 GPA at Woodward Academy.

Mike Hall's defense and shot blocking are opening the eyes of a number of college coaches. "I have new offers from Oklahoma State and Furman and have been hearing a lot from schools including; Georgia Tech, Harvard, Georgia State and South Carolina."

None of those four have offered but Hall feels one may be close to offering. "Coaches (Chad) Dollar and (Billy) Schmidt of Georgia Tech have been very complimentary and I think I'll be getting one from them at some point."

Those coaches will get a chance to see Hall and his teammates play this weekend. "Coach (Brian) Gregory has a camp and we're going there as a team. I hope I'll get to see the campus as part of my day."

At one time Hall had hoped to visit Virginia Tech. They are one of the schools that's offered him. Hall's tight schedule is making that difficult. " I had hoped to be there in June, but I'm not sure if my mom and I can fit it into our schedule." This would be the only other visit that Hall has planned.

Mike hopes that he'll be able to make his college choice after the summer is over. "I'd like to make my decision by September or October."

Hall's original plan was to choose a school that was in the Southeast.That may still happen but he is not restricting his choice to that geographic area. "I will go anywhere where the academics are solid, the success rate for finding a good job is high, the coaching staff fits my style of play (pick and pop), and where I like the atmosphere of the campus."

Hall's choice will be made with the advise of his mom and both high school and AAU coaches. Top Stories