One School Moves Up Tomlinson's List

Henry County, Georgia teammates Dalvin Tomlinson and Chris Moody made a mid-week visit to Georgia Tech to talk with the coaches. Dalvin spent most of his time with Coach Paul Johnson, Coach Andy McCollum, and Coach Joe Speed. The question is did the trip improve Georgia Tech in Dalvin's eyes?

The answer to the question is yes. "Chris Moody and Jonathon Jean-Bart came up with me and Coach Rex. We had a great time and I learned some more about Georgia Tech that I didn't know."

The three Tech coaches made it clear to the 6'3"-260 Dalvin Tomlinson that they wanted him at Georgia Tech. "They said that I would be an impact player for them on defense that I was the perfect defensive end for the 3-4 they run there. They showed me more about the campus and the school. I learned some things about Tech that I didn't already now. It was a very good visit that opened my eyes up more about Georgia Tech."

The visit improved Tech's standing with Tomlinson. "This visit moved Georgia Tech up and made them more appealing to me."

When we last spoke, Dalvin had plans to trim his list in June. Nothing has changed with those plans. "I am in the process of trimming my list down to about 15 schools."

Dalvin already knows one school that will be on that list. "Georgia Tech is one of my top schools right now. The visit today just cemented that fact for me."

Tomlinson has plans for one summer camp but it won't be for football. "Right now I will be going to Indiana with my wresting coach next week. I want to check them out and see both sports. Also, I am competing in several 7 on 7 tournaments. After that I will look and see what camps or other visits I can set up for the summer. I know I want to attend some, just need to find out which ones I can squeeze in for the summer."

Look for Tomlinson to make his college choice by the end of his senior season. "I will have a decision made before my senior year of football is over. I don't see it dragging out." Top Stories