Francis Kallon Says I Am Number Four

Georgia Tech picked up its second commitment in the last three days when Central Gwinnett, Georgia defensive end Francis Kallon gave his verbal commit to the Jackets.. While Francis hasn't played football for very long, his talents are very obvious once you see him play.

The coaches at Georgia Tech saw this and recruited not only him but his parents as well. Last Friday Francis Kallon went for a trip to see the school and today he made a return trip to show his parents the school and make his commitment to Coach (Paul) Johnson.

It didn't take long for Francis to make the return trip to Georgia Tech. "I went back up there today so my parents could see the campus and I could get some information on what position I would be playing and how they expect me to work out once I get to Georgia Tech."

The visit resulted in Francis giving Tech his verbal. "The school has a balance between football and academics. Not only do they have excellent academics but they play football at an excellent level. I really, really love that. Just the best of both worlds to me.."

Once Kallon's parents saw how happy he was with his decision to attend Georgia Tech they were very happy for him. "They know that I will be attending a first class college and get an excellent degree while having the chance to play football. This was a trip that really showed them why I made my decision. I talked with Coach Johnson about making my commitment and I understand and accept his policy that once I made my commitment that I wasn't going to visit any other schools."

Kallon made his first trip to Georgia Tech last Friday. "That is when I toured everything and got to see first hand what Georgia Tech is all about in the academic world and see their first class football facilities. I also got everything I needed to take home with me to look over what choices I have from the academic side of Georgia Tech. That is when I made up my mind that I wanted to go there."

Playing football is new to Kallon. "I saw all my friends having fun playing football and after about nine or so months they convinced me to try out for the team and I really excelled at it and really enjoyed myself playing football. It has turned into me getting a college education from playing football."

The favorite part of Kallon's visit to Tech was the balance of academics and football. "The coaches really stress you getting your degree and the degree is one that is very well known. You also get a chance to play football at the same level as the academics. You just can't get that combination at every school like you can Georgia Tech."

Kallon's parents were impressed with the campus. "They loved how beautiful the campus is and they really loved how friendly everyone was there and how great they treated you. They are very happy with my decision and fully support me on this decision."

The 6'5" recruit currently weighs 241 and has yet to be timed in the forty. "I haven't been timed in the forty but the coaches at Georgia Tech are very excited to have me aboard and are looking fro me to be a defensive end and/or outside linebacker. I know they have shown me drills and workouts for both positions for me to work on this year." Top Stories