One-On-One Coverage With Bryce Treggs

Four star wide receiver Bryce Treggs is receiving interest from a new school. The St. Johns Bosco High School (Bellflower, California) recruit has been talking with Coach Buzz Preston about Georgia Tech and the opportunities the triple option gives a wide receiver. This has Bryce interested in Georgia Tech.

Bryce Treggs and Coach Preston have talked a lot lately. "Coach Preston has told me all about Georgia Tech, both the school and the football program. I really like what I am hearing from him. He told me with the right work ethic and play I have the chance to put up huge numbers as a receiver in the triple option."

Coach Preston has talked to Treggs about the one on one coverage a receiver would get in the triple option offense. "I remember that a receiver from there went in the first round in the draft so I know it is possible. I like the academics there. I want to major in business when I go to college. So far it seems like we have got off to a very good start."

Georgia Tech is one of a long list of schools that has offered Treggs. "That offer brought my total to around seventeen so far this year."

Right now, Notre Dame and the PAC 12 schools hold an edge but Georgia Tech has made up a lot of ground. "I'll be honest. Georgia Tech is a school that is looking real good right now. I would rate them an eight out of ten. They have given me a lot to think about and information that really puts them in a very good light."

Treggs will be looking for a good business school. "It is that important to me. Next I will look at playing time. I''d love to come in and be able to make a major contribution as soon as possible. The last thing I would take into consideration would be the winning tradition the school has. Do they have a history of success."

Bryce hopes to take some visits this summer. "I hope to make a couple if I can. I haven't set up any at this time but I do feel I will be making at least two or three before my senior year starts."

A decision on his college choice will be made before his senior year starts. "I want to put my complete attention on helping my team do the best we can without any distractions. Once I make my commitment, it will be a solid one unless something happens like the coach resigns or gets fired."

Treggs is known for his speed and his great release off the line. "I want to work on being more physical, like being able to use my hands better to get that initial contact off of me." Top Stories