Chungong Likes The Competition

Good Counsel, Maryland defensive lineman Roderick Chungong has two schools that lead for his verbal. One has been at the top for a while now and the other is new to his list. Roderick talks about the leaders and his plans for the summer.

While his recruitment has been getting hectic, Roderick Chungong has approached it with a good sense of humor. "I think everyone should be able to go through this once. It is fun but you do get a lot of calls from numbers you never know who is on the other side (laughing)."

Roderick has an idea of who is favorites are but hasn't narrowed down his list. "I have in a way. I know that Georgia Tech is my leader and Virginia is number two but there are some other schools out there that interest me. Some time in July I will name a top five with Tech as my leader and then at the end of the summer I will name a top three with both Georgia Tech and Virginia in that top three.."

A time to make his decision has already been decided. "I will be making my decision about the start of my high school season. I'd like to get it done and put all my attention on playing my senior year."

There is a possibility that Chungong may not make any summer camps but if he does, he has one in mind. "The only camp I will possibly go to will be the one at Georgia Tech. My teammate Ryan Watson is trying to set it up to go there and if he does I will go with him. That is the only way I will be going to any camps this year."

Watson and Chungong have talked about playing at the same school. "We've joked around about it several times but to tell you it would be real cool if we were able to play together in college. It may or may not happen but it would be nice if it did."

Roderick has been keeping an eye on the recent Georgia Tech commits. "I didn't hear about (Pat) Gamble but I heard about (Francis) Kallon committing over the weekend. That is great that Georgia Tech picked Pat up."

Those two commits have not affected the way Roderick looks at Georgia Tech. "It does not at all. You can't shy away from competing. Coach (Al) Groh, who is my recruiting coach, says that he plays the best players regardless of what class they are. He told me that if I came in and did what was expected of me that I would see the field as a true freshman. Coach Groh plays the players that will give him the best chance at winning."

If Chungong comes to Georgia Tech, he wants as many players as possible to push him. "Gamble committing will have no bearing on my feeling about Georgia Tech other than him being another good player to make Tech better."

Coach Groh and Georgia Tech are recruiting Roderick as a defensive end. "I will be a defensive end in all phases except for the nickel where I would be an outside linebacker. Coach Groh says he sees me as an every down player." Top Stories