Ezra Robinson Getting Serious About GT

Defensive back Ezra Robinson has been talking as much as he can to recruiting coach Charles Kelly, and the two are talking about the 2012 recruit visiting Atlanta this summer.

"We talk every 2-3 weeks," Ezra Robinson said about his relationship with Kelly. "We've hit the period in the year where we can't communicate as much, but I still make sure I call him every few weeks to catch up and see how things are going."

Robinson's interest in Georgia Tech goes back to his sophomore year, when the resident of Sarasota, Fla. came to the campus for a football camp. While he didn't get the chance to tour the campus with the coaches, he did have a short amount of time to walk around and get a feel for what it would be like to be a Yellow Jacket.

"When I was on the practice field, I really got a feeling like this could be my practice field in college some day," Robinson said.

Since then, GT has extended an offer to the senior from Booker High School, and have informed him that he would likely be used as a cornerback but couldn't rule out that he may also play safety. Either, way, Robinson is confident that he would be a good addition to the Yellow Jackets' secondary.

"I saw them play two games last season, and I really think I could help out in defending the running game," Robinson said. "Their pass defense looked really solid to me, but the defensive backs have really revolutionized the position lately, so it's important to be able to stop the run as well."

As for making a visit this summer, Robinson said he is seriously considering one, but will first speak with Coach Kelly before he makes any announcements about a trip to Atlanta. Keep an eye out for this young man, because he sounded genuinely passionate about getting more familiar with Georgia Tech.

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