Milikin Visits Tech, Decision Coming Soon

Cornerback Carlson Milikin is making his rounds to football programs, but will it be enough to lure him away from playing lacrosse at the University of Virginia? Carlson talked to us about his recent trip to Georgia Tech and where he currently stands on his upcoming decision.

But on his first visit to Georgia Tech, Carlson Milikin was pleasantly surprised by what he saw on campus, and that may go a long way to sway him towards the Yellow Jackets in such a close race.

"The visit went really well," Milikin said, who left Georgia Tech to make a visit to Stanford this week. "I expected it to be more of a city campus, but I think it felt more quaint – there was a lot more grass than I expected."

Many of the players do expect the Tech campus to be more of a "concrete jungle," and like Milikin, seeing that the campus feels like almost every other one once they set on campus is a positive addition. Once he was on campus, the 2012 recruit from Woodberry Forest (VA) had the chance to work out with Coach Kelly and Coach Groh in Bobby Dodd Stadium.

"The stadium was really neat," Milikin said. "I can imagine playing there at night, with the crowd in the seats and all the buildings lit up around it."

Milikin said the two coaches were impressed by his speed and ability to change direction, but will wait until he finishes his visit in Palo Alto to decide on whether to extend an offer or not. He knows the Yellow Jackets are serious about him, so Milikin isn't worried that they haven't given him an offer yet.

If and when the Yellow Jackets offer, it will only make the decision more difficult for Milikin, who will have to decide between football or lacrosse first, and if he chooses football, he will then have to pick a school. Obviously, with the decision already made in lacrosse, it would be much easier to just pick that sport, but based on his comments, he seems genuinely more passionate about the sport of football, so there's just as good of a chance that he sticks with the pigskin.

"After I get done with the Stanford visit, I'm just going to see who comes calling, and possibly wait a few more weeks to decide whether it will be football or lacrosse," Milikin said. Top Stories