Orwin Smith: Improving The Team Attitude

Orwin Smith and his teammates are coming off a disappointing season. The off-season found Orwin and his teammates looking for ways to stop that from happening again. "We were coming off a big season and coming back with a losing season was terrible. We were shocked."

Smith is approaching this season as a chance for a fresh beginning. "Right now we're working on team attitude. Last year, it wasn't good at all. It takes a team to win and right now we're focusing on getting to know each other better and improving the attitude of the team."

Orwin senses that there is a more positive attitude with this year's team. "I'm seeing an attitude change in some of the players who's attitude was not so good last season. People follow so we need our leaders to have great attitudes."

Leadership has been a concern for Coach Paul Johnson since he arrived at Georgia Tech. Smith is one of the players that is trying to provide that leadership. "I'm trying to become more of a leader. Last season Smith tried to be a leader for his position. This season he's trying to do that for the whole team. "I have to speak up and show some emotion."

As an individual Orwin has taken it upon himself to improve his overall game. The NCAA limits the number of hours in the weight room in the off season so Orwin has been doing a lot of work on his own. Smith is using the aid of a personal workout suit called a "flex nimbo" to gain the explosion he feels he needs to improve his speed. "I've been working with an 'explosive suit' to get faster. The suit makes you fight your body with everything you do." Orwin uses the suit to run, lift, do situps, and pushups. He feels the suit will help him to do everything faster.

Additionally, Smith realizes that the offense needs have home run qualities. "In my opinion the offense stayed on the field too long last season. We need to hit it and go." Another area that Smith is looking to improve is the passing game. "Last summer we didn't do much at all when it came to the passing game. This summer we're playing a lot of seven on seven to improve the passing game. We have a great running game but to win you have to do both."

Roddy Jones and Smith enter the new season as the returning starters at the A Back position. They're looking for some of the other backs to step up and add to the rotation at the A Back position. "The more that the others are able to contribute the more it will help the overall attitude."

The A Back position has the talent to provide some quality depth. Tony Zenon, Deon Hill and B.J. Bostic are three of the younger players that will be looking to make a name for themselves. "Tony is probably one of the quickest guys we have. We need to get the ball in his hands. BJ is a very good runner that we need to get on the edge. His blocking has improved a lot. I've seen Deon progress and nothing he does shocks me."

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