Orwin Smith: Working Hard Over The Summer

Knowing the importance of improving their passing game, the players will be organizing 7 on 7 games this summer. The freshmen are now on campus and they too have begun to take part in the workouts. The team played their first game on Monday against Georgia State looking for new players to make contributions.

Incoming freshman quarterback Vad Lee made his first appearance in the game and Orwin Smith liked what he saw. "I don't want to talk too much about him to make him more than he is. But, he surprised me and I was impressed. Smith is withholding further judgment until he sees what he can do with the triple option.

The one thing that Smith noticed is that Lee has been studying the playbook. "He wasn't asking too many questions. The ones he was asking you could tell he knew what he was talking about. In his limited playing time, Lee took the team down the field in four plays. "That's a big plus. We can run but we have to be able to finish and we have to get a passing game."

Smith knows from his own experience that it's best to be cautious with freshmen and folks shouldn't put too many expectations put on them. "You have to stay humble. But, he looks like he's hungry and I can see the competitiveness in his eyes."

Another Georgia Tech player that caught Smith's eye was the return of receiver Chris Jackson. "Chris is looking good. He's out there catching. It doesn't look like the knee or the achilles is bothering him."

Smith saw what Jackson could do in the past and knows that a healthy Jackson could help the team. "He's hopping out there with the ones and he should because he's an older guy and he knows what he's doing."

Jackson's experiences over the past few years have helped him with his approach to making a contribution this year. "You can see him going harder and I can see him being real humble right now. He doesn't talk the way he used to talk and he doesn't look the way he used to look." Smith was talking as much about Jackson's mental focus as much as his physical appearance.

The team will continue to play both Georgia State and Morehouse once a week as they go through the summer. The team did this Smith's freshmen year but got away from it last summer. "Last summer was so empty. I had a feeling that not doing anything last summer would affect our season."

Smith feels that the return to the summer workouts and the emphasis on building team unity can get them back to where they were in the championship season. "Tevin (Washington) and Rashaad Reid have been leading the way in getting us together."

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