Brannen Greene's Dad Talks Tech Visit

Brannen Greene, a small forward and rising junior from Mary Persons, a AAA high school in Forsyth, Georgia, spent two days at Georgia Tech this week on an unofficial visit with his dad and AAU Coach, Jeffrey. It was not his first time there, but Jeffrey and son came away with a very good opinion of all that transpired following an earlier two-and-a-half days on the Duke campus this week.

The Georgia Tech staff did a good job of letting Brannen Greene and his dad know what their plans were for the future of Georgia Tech basketball. "We really liked what we heard from Coach (Brian) Gregory and Coach (Chad) Dollar. We really like Coach Gregory's vision and his personality," said Jeffrey. Brannen also spent some quality time alone with Coach Gregory.

Where did the visit put Georgia Tech on Brannen's list? "Georgia Tech is very high on his list. Coach Gregory and some of his staff gave us a tour by car our first day there and then Brannen and I walked the campus for a closer look the second day."

Brannen and Georgia Tech wing player Glen Rice Jr. had a chance to spend some time together hangin' out and talking about everything. "They talked about campus life and academics. The first night Brannen scrimmaged with some current and past Tech players. His team won their first eight games and when they lost the ninth…it seemed like that was enough."

Coach Gregory made it clear to Jeffrey that Brannen was a priority for them. "We originally got an offer from Coach (Paul) Hewitt and had an unofficial visit then. I know Coach Gregory wasn't on the job for more than a few days before he called to say the offer stood."

Jeffrey and his son have been on previous unofficial visits but this one was different than the others. "It was so informal and relaxed with no planned setting. We just knew we had to be at a given location on time. By the end of it, Brannen was trying to sell Tech to me."

Coach Gregory likes to see recruits play in person and it will not be any different with Brannen. Gregory has plans to watch Brannen in Indianapolis at the Adidas Camp, July 6-9, the Fila in Suwannee, July 10-11, the Adidas 64 in Las Vegas, July 21-26, and then the Best of Summer in Los Angeles, July 28-31.

The ambitious visit plans for Brannen and his dad was cut back following their visit to Georgia Tech. "We're back home now and have decided to postpone the visits to Alabama and Florida. We'll make them later. We're committed to go to Louisville, August 13 and plan to take visits to Alabama, Florida and Kansas after that."

It's no accident that Brannen's parents seem to have everything planned down to the last detail. "His mother and I have been planning this for six or seven years. I am now self-employed, largely so I can take the time off to help him with all this."

As part of their game plan the Greenes don't want to drag out the recruiting process. They also don't want it to be a distraction. "We want Brannen to lead a normal life of a 16-year-old. That said, he may commit before his junior basketball season."

Brannen holds 20-25 offers so this may not be an easy task. That list will be cut to 10-15 schools and then under 10 before they reach a decision.

Brannen's 4.0 GPA is evidence that academics are important in the Greene family. The Greenes have no plans to send him to a basketball elite high school. "Several of the (college) coaches have said we're all doing something right so, why send him off to Las Vegas or another State."

While it may sound like Brannen is the perfect kid, Jeffrey didn't have any problem pointing out some faults. "I have to get on him about keeping his room clean." There was also the second grade incident. "Believe it or not, in second grade, he got into trouble for giving too many hugs. I think he and Coach Gregory hugged two or three times on his visit." Top Stories