John Atkins Has Questions Answered At Tech

Thomson, Georgia defensive tackle John Atkins was a recent visitor at Georgia Tech. Atkins returned to Tech to see a few more things and to hang out with his friend J.C. Lanier. Atkins will take a few more visits this summer and then he'll begin concentrating on his senior season.

The visit for John Atkins was all he hoped it would be. "I had a great time there and really enjoyed myself. It was a good visit for me all around and re-enforced my interest in Georgia Tech."

While on the visit, Atkins had a chance to get together with an old friend. ""I talked with my good friend J.C. Lanier. His old head coach at ECI moved up to coach my high school team and we hit it off when we met one another."

Atkins also met with Coach Mike Sewak. "He let me know that I was a big target for them and how much the entire staff wanted me at Georgia Tech. I also spoke with Coach Speed a lot. He's a real good person and I really like talking with him. He said the same thing that Coach Sewak did about how much he would love to see me as a part of the Yellow Jacket football team."

John came away with a good impression of Tech. ""I know you have to be real smart to get into the school and the degree you get from them is very valuable for life after football." Atkins had all his questions about academics answered and the staff showed him how much support student-athletes have available to them.

" A lot of my questions and concerns were answered on this trip. They have a great football team and I like them very much. My visit there was fantastic and I plan on making another visit in the fall as well. I had already been looking at Georgia Tech real hard before this visit and now I think I am looking at them even more."

Atkins currently has eight offers. "Georgia Tech, Georgia, Clemson, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and UMass are the eight I have right now."

Two more visits are in John's plans for the summer. He'll visit Florida on the 22nd and Clemson on the 29th. "Following the visits I will start looking at what schools are the best fit for me."

Atkins will be looking at three factors to find that fit. "The school that makes me feel the most at ease or at home when I am there, distance will not be a factor even though it would be nice to be close to home, and finally, the school that can give me the best education for life after football will win out." Top Stories