Caleb Peterson To Take Visits This Summer

Auburn, Alabama offensive lineman Caleb Peterson is one of the top offensive linemen in the south. Caleb is being heavily recruited by many schools throughout the southeast and has picked up a total of fourteen offers so far. His busy travel schedule this summer may determine which school he selects.

Caleb Peterson has already visited several schools this summer and has plans to visit many more. One of those schools will be Georgia Tech. "I've been to a couple of their camps and my dad's company was part of the building expansion at Bobby Dodd Stadium so I know the area real well. It is a place I like and I want to get to know more about the team, coaches, and school."

While he knows that he'll be visiting Tech, he hasn't set up any specific dates to vist them. "There are a lot of other schools that I want to visit and get to know better. This is a big decision for me and I do not want to rush into a decision"

Caleb's visit schedule will not give him much time to relax this summer. ""I probably will be visiting Southern Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt, and Louisville besides Georgia Tech. I might be squeezing a few more in there before school and football practice starts back up."

Most of the schools that Peterson is visiting have offered him a scholarship. "I have fourteen offers. I have offers from Georgia Tech, Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Duke, Southern Miss, UAB, Memphis, South Alabama, Louisville, and Mississippi State." Caleb knows that there will be a lot of visits and learning before he starts trimming his list.

Team chemistry will be one of the first things Peterson will look at in making a decision. Caleb will also be looking at the facilities and the campus community. "I will also look at the coaching staff and the school's winning tradition."

The most imprtant factor for Peterson will be academics. "This will probably one of the more important factors. These are big factors to me and the school that can provide the best of each one will be the one I choose. That school will the one that is the right fit for me."

The 6'5"-295 Peterson has heard different opinions when it comes to the position he'll play in college. "A lot schools have told me that they feel a pro tackle arm reach should be at 33" or more and mine is 34" right now. I am big enough and mobile enough to play tackle but right now I feel as well as most coaches that guard is my best position."

Peterson has played both guard and center in high school. "I'll play where the coaches feel is the best place on the offensive line for me." Top Stories