Spring Practice Report Card: Corner

Ryan Bass grades spring practice position by position; today he takes a look at the Corners.


Depth Chart:

BCB: Reuben Houston, Dennis Davis, I-Perfection Harris, Brian Fleuridor
FCB: Jonathan Cox, Venice Gilliam, Kenny Scott, Sam Williams

Cornerback is home for one of the soon-to-be stars on the Georgia Tech defense, and I don't mean incoming freshman Kenny Scott. I'm referring to Spring Game MVP, Reuben Houston.

Houston is certainly not perfect. Freddie Smith beat him on several occasions this spring but one only beats him so many times before he really makes someone pay. So, it's not wise for an offense to try and pick on him. Houston is what I call a true playmaker. Houston likes to take chances and that's what one has to do sometimes in order to make the big play.

He can afford to do this because of his excellent closing speed or what pro scouts like to call "deep speed". This means not just being fast but being able to use the speed well. In the spring game, he began the game with an interception and ended it with a blocked field goal. He is just always around the ball in key situations.

Jonathan Cox plays the role of the savvy veteran. He doesn't have the athleticism of Houston but plays a little more physical. He's a big hitter, as far as corners go, and is the best open-field tackler of the group. He was victimized a few times more than I like to see this spring but he's a solid player and I expect a good senior season from him.

After much speculation that Dennis Davis may move to WR to start the spring, it was a good thing that he didn't. He emerged from the rest of the corners as the number three guy we currently have. He's our fastest corner and he gained a lot of confidence this spring. His coverage skills look really good to me. He sticks to defender especially well in deep routes. I think he has earned the right to see some increased playing time in fall but needs to keep working because Scott will certainly come to school expecting to win some playing time himself.

I-Perfection Harris and Venice Gilliam didn't really standout much in practice. Both are young guys and still need some more seasoning. I expect that Venice will continue to be a big contributor on special teams in the meantime.

Overall this is a group that had its ups and downs in spring but did improve along the way, with a lot of yelling from Coach Tenuta. I'm very interested to see what impact Kenny Scott will have on this group in fall.

Grade: B-


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