Tevin Washington Getting Better Every Day

The 2010 football season was baptism by fire for quarterback Tevin Washington. An injury to starting quarterback Joshua Nesbitt thrust Washinton into the starting role in the meat of the Georgia Tech schedule. Ironically, Washington's season also ended with an injury.

"I was hurt on the last play of the bowl game against Air Force." The knee injury affected Washington throughout spring practice. It was a pain that wouldn't go away." The injury kept Washington from cutting and affected his running ability.

A week after the spring game, Washington had the knee cleaned out. "I've been rehabbing and taking therapy and just trying to get better." Tevin feels that the injured MCL is now at 100%. "I'm ready to go and I'm not wearing a brace."

Tevin has also been spending the summer trying to get his teammates ready for the upcoming season. "We're trying to use every day to get better." The 7 on 7's and the conditioning are two area's that have been the focus for the team this summer.

"It was good for us to go out there and get our timing down." Tevin also feels that the defense benefited from the 7 on 7's because the games are exclusively passing. " Those guys were really talking to make sure they knew what their assignments were."

One of the positives for Washington going into the 2011 season will be having experienced receivers and backs on the field with him. "We're making sure that they see the same things that the quarterback sees." This is important forTevin and the receivers as most of the passes in the Tech offense are timing plays.

The timing was an area of focus for Washington this summer. "I've been playing with my eyes and reacting rather than thinking too much." Washington has been working on this along with his footwork.

The Virginia Tech game was the beginning of Washington's development in running the option. "I had some young mistakes last year and there is room for me to improve and grow."

Playing against some top programs at the end of the season should help Tevin as he prepares for the 2011 season. "Those games were big steps for me in growing as a quarterback."

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