Roddy Jones at the ACC Media Kickoff

Georgia Tech A Back Roddy Jones enters his final season as one of the leaders on the field and in the classroom. Jones addressed a number of questions about this year's team and the NCAA as the players faced a battery of reporters at the ACC Kickoff in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Having graduated and now in the MBA program, Roddy is facing new challenges this season. The work load is similar for Roddy but it's a different type of work. "There's isn't any hand holding and I'm taking classes in the evening." Jones has enjoyed the new environment and the new focus. "I'm very thankful for the experience."

Roddy is also embracing the role of a leader and understands that he's one of the players that the younger guys emulate. ‘When I came in Tashard (Choice), Taylor Bennett, Gary Guyton, and Phillip Wheeler were the guys for me and now being a fifth year guy, I'm that guy for the younger guys."

Jones and the players also enter the season having to deal with possible distractions from the NCAA investigation. The news was something they didn't expect. "We were as surprised as everyone else."

It took explanations from Coach Paul Johnson and athletic director Dan Radakovich for Roddy and the team to be a little clearer about the situation. Roddy was aware there was an investigation but didn't know the details "When the NCAA is around people tend to notice."

Jones was quick to add that the players are focused on the upcoming season. He also feels that it doesn't affect him or the team. "I get to keep the ring and I get to tell everyone that we won the ACC Championship. Jones is approaching the season as though the investigation has no bearing on this year's team.

Commissioners from the ACC and the SEC insinuated that the NCAA may be going after the jaywalkers and the parking violaters of the world rather than the bank robbers. "There's a lot of NCAA rules so we're always walking on egg shells." Jones also added that the rules are in place for a reason and those that violate the rules are in danger of being investigated.

Jones and his teammates enter the season knowing they have to take advantage of every opportunity this season. "We didn't do that last season." The team led the NCAA in rushing but turnovers in the red zone and penalties in the red zone were the stories of the season. "We've been working very hard to correct those things."

Roddy also feels that the team will be able to replace Anthony Allen at B Back. "We have a great set of B Backs. We moved on from Dwyer to "Ant" and now we'll move on from "Ant."

The Tech offense will have a quarterback in Tevin Washington who gained some key experience at the end of the 2010 season. Washinton was put in a lot of situations last year that were very difficult. "Playing your first game against Virginia Tech on a Thursday night is something I can't even imagine. I played my first game at home against Jacksonville State and I was scared out of my mind."

Roddy feels that his experience at the end of the season will be invaluable for this year's team. Top Stories