Vontrell Williams Falls In Love With Tech

Defensive tackle Vontrell Williams, a 2012 recruit from Mount Carmel (IL), has visited Georgia Tech and is seriously considering a commitment with the Yellow Jackets.

"I have the best relationship with the coaches at Georgia Tech of any of the coaches I've been talking to," Williams said. "Georgia Tech is a great program."

Last week, Vontrell Williams made his second trip of the year to Atlanta to see the campus. While he said he has family members who live in the city, the distance from his hometown made this a rare visit to the South. So Williams was eager to learn anything and everything about the school.

"It was one of the best campuses," Williams exclaimed. "I actually got a little lost while I was walking around!"

But Williams found his way to the football field, where he had a chance to take part in the weekend camp. He said he had a great experience and felt like he knew what to expect after attending other camps, playing into his strengths.

Having visited in February, Williams said it was nice to actually visit Atlanta when it was warm, and the talent level at the camp seemed to be on par with his skills.

"There were some big guys at the camp, and I'm not usually really high on myself or my skills, but I didn't get beat on any of the reps," Williams said.

Then, Williams had a chance to talk to the coaches. He had met coaches Speed, Sewak and Johnson previously, but this time, he had the chance to work with defensive line coach Andy McCollum.

"He told us that we're going to be the hardest-working group on the field," Williams said about McCollum. "We built a very good relationship during the camp."

Williams said that his biggest regret about the visit was that he didn't have a chance to meet any of the current Tech players, who he'd love to speak with to get a feel for the program. But the trip obviously went well, because the senior with numerous offers jumped Tech into his top favorites.

"Right now, they're definitely in my top two," Williams said, with Illinois being the other favorite. "I've been talking to my mom and dad about it, and there are a lot of good schools that want me. I really want to get around to talking to some of the Tech players before I make a decision."

However, Williams said he also fears that Tech may move on to other options that they have offered if he doesn't respond in the near future. He was very clear that he doesn't want that to happen, so Williams said he is looking to make a decision by the end of July or early in August. One thing is for sure – Williams has fallen in love with Georgia Tech and it wasn't surprising to hear they are among his favorites.

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