This Complete Package Is Devine

Tri-Cities offensive linemen Shamire DeVine recently camped at Georgia Tech and left camp with an offer. DeVine and his teammate Jeremi Hall made a return trip to Tech's campus to find out more about the campus and the coaching staff.

"We were met by Coach Preston when we arrived and we were given a tour of the whole campus and were able to see many things there." Shamire DeVine was impressed by the players study hall and the computer labs and rooms. "I really liked the weight room, it was very nice."

Shamire also had a chance to meet with the coaches. "I talked with Coach (Paul) Johnson, Coach (Mike) Sewak, Coach (Todd) Spencer, and basically all the coaches there. Coach Sewak and Coach Spencer let Shamire know that he fit perfectly into their scheme.

"I also had a talk with Coach Johnson. He said he really liked me as a person and a player." Johnson told Shamire that he likes his meaty players on the inside that he was looking at Shamire as a guard. He told me that I am the type of person and player he and Georgia Tech looks for because I had the grades, the talent, and the character, the complete package."

The 6'6 1/2'-340 DeVine enjoyed getting to know Coaches Sewak and Spencer better. "Coach Spencer kept me laughing. He is a good natured guy."

While Coach Johnson likes Shamire as a guard, Shamire doesn't have any preference. "It doesn't matter at all to me as long as I get out there to play some football."

Shamire recently camped at Georgia Tech with teammates Jeremi Hall and Marcus Adams.The three of them may also be thinking about playing their college ball together. ‘That is something we would really like to do and we will see how we can make that happen."

The trip to Georgia Tech was a successful one for Shamire. "They are in my top five definitely with Georgia. I really liked my time up there today and I plan on going back this year to some games at Bobby Dodd Stadium."

The visit to Georgia Tech was the last one of the summer for Shamire. He'll be spending the remainder of the summer preparing for his junior season. Top Stories