Jeremi Hall, Part of Package For Future Line?

Tri-Cities offensive lineman Jeremi Hall fresh off of his camp visit to Georgia Tech returned on Thursday with teammate Shamire Devine to tour the campus. Jeremi got a brief glimpse of the campus when he was at the July 15th camp. Thursday's visit showed him something completely different than he thought he would see. The visit made Georgia Tech one of his early favorites for the 2013 recruit.

When Jeremi Hall arrived on campus, he wasn't sure what to expect. "We got there and I wasn't sure if I was going to like the complete visit but I have to tell you, the visit was way better than I thought it would be." Hall was impressed with the campus and the facilities.

The one facility that stood out for Hall was the recreation center. "The CRC building was fantastic, it had a water slide in it and it had so much stuff to do in just one building. The weight room was another facility that caught Hall's eye. "This visit really opened my eyes up a lot about Georgia Tech."

Aside from visiting the facilities and the campus, Hall also spent some time with the coaches. "I started off with Coach (Todd) Spencer who told me he wanted me as a guard in the scheme they run. Hall also spent time with the other coaches, the trainer, the academic advisor, and with Coach (Paul) Johnson.

"Coach Johnson stated that he really liked me and wants me at Georgia Tech." Johnson and Hall also talked about Hall's future. He pointed out to Hall that Georgia Tech places players in the NFL and corporations like Microsoft. "He pointed out that Albert Rocker decided to work for Microsoft and is making a good salary with them." Hall's conversation with Johnson made a big impression on him.

Hall also had a chance to watch film with the coaches."They showed me some plays and they looked very familiar to me. I was even calling out plays as they were being run and that impressed the line coaches and Coach Johnson."

The visit put Tech in a better light than it was previously. "I was talking with Shamire and told him that we are both being recruited as guards that we should both come to Georgia Tech and be the combo guards for the line especially if we don't find other matches that we like." Jeremi, Shamire, and Marcus Adams are looking to go to the same school if it is at all possible.

Hall could see himself playing for Georgia Tech. "I already know a lot about the blocking scheme there." Hall wants to major in Computer Engineering and understands the value of a Georgia Tech degree. "Georgia Tech is in-state and it is a school that my two best friends and teammates already like."

Hall is also getting attention from Virginia Tech, Duke, Kentucky, Clemson, Boston College, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, and a few others.

Jeremi will be returning to Georgia Tech this fall to experience the game day atmosphere, Yellow Jacket Alley, and to watch the team play. Top Stories