Brown Closer to A Decision

Defensive tackle DeAngelo Brown is closing in on a final decision for a commitment, and he hopes to be able to make that call in the next few weeks.

Profile - DeAngelo Brown

Despite not attending any summer camps at Georgia Tech, Brown insists that the Yellow Jackets are very much on his radar. Brown was last seen on campus at a Junior Day event back in the spring, but he feels close to Georgia Tech despite not visiting recently.

Part of that is a result of his relationship with Coach Lamar Owens, who has stayed in touch with the senior from Savannah, Ga. throughout the summer. Brown said that Owens wants him to be a part of the program, and has been sure to repeat that in every conversation they've had.

As for the final decision, Brown said that he'd like to make a final decision in the coming weeks, but a lot will go into that decision. He said that Georgia Tech has several draws, from the great academics to his perception that the Yellow Jackets are a program on the rise.

Proximity to home (or at least being an in-state school) will not factor into the decision, at least not with Brown. But he said his parents may think differently about that, and being closer to home may make them support the home school when their opinion is asked.

Brown said he has no favorites in the mix, and he will weigh all of them evenly when it comes to the final decision. Other schools in the running are Louisville, Mississippi State, South Florida and Vanderbilt. With all schools even, the Yellow Jackets can hope that the opinions of Brown's parents factor heavily if they are so supportive of their son staying in-state to play college football. Top Stories