Sylvester Excited About LB's (Practice #3)

The Yellow Jackets return a group of young but talented players at linebacker. Leading the way for that group is senior weakside linebacker Steven Sylvester. Sylvester is excited about that group as he prepares for his final season at Georgia Tech.

Sylvester returns as the starter at the weakside linebacker and he's enjoying being the old guy at linebacker. When he and his fellow linebackers are sitting in meetings, Sylvester is now the reassuring guy. "They come to me for advice and it's nice to be in that position."

The depth at linebacker is something that has caught Sylvester's eye this year. "They're all eager to learn and they all work really hard." Sylvester is excited about what this group is capable of doing.

There are a number of players that Sylvester feels could be inserted into the lineup at linebacker. Brandon Watts, Quayshawn Nealy, and Malcolm Munroe are three that come to mind for Sylvester. "I'm really excited about them and what they can contribute." Look for Watts to make contributions in the various packages used by Coach Al Groh.

Sylvester plays opposite Jeremiah Attaaochu. They mirror each other in some of there duties but there are also noticeable differences. Pass rush and run responsibility are the noticeable differences with Sylvester patrolling the weak side.

The change to staying in a hotel for this preseason has been a positive one for team chemistry. Last year the team went back to their dorms and went straight to sleep. The team now has no choice but to be with their teammates. "It brings us closer as a team." The roommate selections are random with offensive players rooming with defensive players in most cases.

Sylvester and his teammates have meetings in addition to practice and those are held in the AA team meeting rooms rather than at the hotel. "By the time we get back to the hotel, there's a lot of down time."

After two springs and a full season to learn Coach Al Groh's defense, Steven feels comfortable going into the 2011 season. "Going in and knowing what I'm supposed to do, I'm a lot more confident."

That wasn't the case last season for Sylvester and his teammates. Trying to learn a new defense, they fell behind. "Now we're there and we're excited." Top Stories