Denzel McCoy, Supporter On The Sidelines

When Denzel McCoy was first recruited to play football at Georgia Tech, he was known as the pied piper who reached out and got other recruits to follow him to Tech. His zest for talking to people and helping with recruiting didn't stop once he became a student-athlete. Now that he has taken a medical hardship for the upcoming season, he will continue to help the team with recruiting.

Denzel McCoy first learned that there was a possibility that he might not be able to play football when he arrived on campus at Georgia Tech and took his physical. He was asked if he had any previous problems and responded that he felt fine. "They told me I wouldn't be able to work out so I followed what they asked me to do."

Two weeks ago Denzel learned that he wouldn't be able to play this season. "It's not something that's heavy on my mind and it's something I have to be able to handle." Denzel's options are still open.

McCoy has been diagnosed with cardio myopathy. "It's a blood disorder with my heart but it's not serious." Denzel and Coach Paul Johnson erred on the side of caution and decided to have McCoy sit out the 2011 season. Doctors have told Denzel that the condition can improve and he has seen that it has improved. "I am blessed to be in the advanced stage of recovery."

McCoy feels he is near where he needs to be to play again. "I hope to get back out there again." Denzel will continue to get tested as his condition continues to improve. "If I can't play again, life goes on." McCoy is taking medication and a multi-vitamin that has helped speed the recovery.

His medical condition has not stopped Denzel from staying in playing shape. "I run and lift every day and stay connected with the team." McCoy spends over an hour each day in the weight room working on keeping his body toned. He also runs close to two miles a day.

With football on the back burner now, McCoy is concentrating on academics. He is majoring in information technology. "That's one of the reasons I came to Tech." His degree will be in management.

The team will be making use of Denzel's talents once school begins. He'll be assisting Coach Liam Klein with recruiting. McCoy is excited about that opportunity. "I love to talk to people." Helping with recruiting is something Denzel has always wanted to do. "I know so many people so that's where I feel I can really help the team."

One thing that is clear about Denzel McCoy. Whether or not he gets the opportunity to play football again, he will always make the best of what life throws his way. Top Stories