Joe Hamilton Counts His Blessings

Former award winning Georgia Tech quarterback Joe Hamilton is argueably one of the most popular football players in modern Georgia Tech history. We had a chance to talk to Joe on his recent visit to the Georgia Tech AA. Joe got us up to speed on how his coaching career is progressing.

Joe had a short five year career in professional football. When that was no longer a possibility, his dream was to coach. "It is a blessing to be in a position where I can coach."

Hamilton didn't have to go far to find a coaching position. He moved down the road to coach under former Georgia Tech player and coach Bill Curry. "I run out of superlatives when I start talking about him." Hamilton is thankful to be able to learn under a coach like Curry.

Hamilton and Curry made a connection through common friends. "I sat down with John Dewberry and he got in touch with Coach Curry." This laid the ground work for Hamilton meeting with Curry and eventually a job with Georgia State. "He gave me a G.A. opportunity. All I wanted was an opportunity and I took it."

Hamilton spent a year as a G.A. and when there was an opening on the staff Coach Curry offered Hamilton the job. Joe didn't hesitate after being asked. "Before he got it out of his mouth, I started glowing and the answer was yes."

Joe has taken over the job as running backs coach and he feels this will help his resume as he moves forward with his coaching career. "I feel real comfortable about what I can put on my resume. Hamilton has also helped with quarterbacks and wide receivers.

Taking over a new position Hamilton has relied on former teammates for advice in coaching the running backs position. Joe has also talked to his current players to find out what works for them. "It's a feel and I pretty much know their cuts and what they're supposed to be doing."

The one adjustment for Hamilton will be learning the drills. Joe Burns and Charlie Rogers are two former teammates that Joe has gone to for advice on what drills to run. "I've also talked to Coach (George) O'Leary and Coach (Ralph) Friedgen to pick their brains."

Hamilton has not left any stone unturned in getting started in his coaching career. Joe is absorbing as much information as possible about his new coaching position. Hamilton's drive and enthusiasm will be a plus for the players he coaches and all those around him. Top Stories