Kenny Orjioke - Learning Football Quickly

Lassiter (Georgia) athlete Kenny Orjioke recently moved to Atlanta from Irving, California. Kenny is new to football having only played three games. He played two games last year and was injured in one of them and missed the rest of the season. He started off this year playing both ways with Lassiter at the safety and wide receiver positions.

Profile - Kenny Orjioke

In spite of only playing a few games he has received two offers and has other schools showing interest in him.

"I am new at the game and I am picking it up quite well. Orjioke feels he's adapting well because he is interested in team rather than individual goals. "I know it is a goal of every high school football player to play college ball and college players aspire to go to the NFL and I do too but not at the expense of putting myself in front what is best for the team."

Kenny's goal is to get an education and to make sure he is set up for life after college. Kenny's best friend from Irvine was receiver Bryce Treggs. "I knew he was interested in Georgia Tech and Georgia Tech was interested in him. I told him that he would be a great fit for Tech because they play excellent football and give you a great education."

Orijoke has always liked Georgia Tech. "They are a great school in the academic world and they have players like Calvin Johnson, Tashard Choice, Demaryius Thomas, Derrick Morgan, and Morgan Burnett in the NFL. In fact, they are a school that had two first round draft choices in last years draft."

"I've always liked them even when I lived in California." Orjioke's first contact with Tech was from Coach Buzz Preston. Kenny now talks with Coach Mike Sewak. "The whole staff has been great to me and they have been truthful and up front with me."

Orjioke recently visited Georgia Tech. "I received an offer from the staff and that was a great part of the trip." Kenny enjoyed seeing the team meeting room and the indoor practice facility which he described as awesome and first class. Kenny also got to see got to see where they were rebuilding the basketball arena. "I got to see just about everything Georgia Tech has to offer, it is a great school."

While he plays multiple positions for Lassiter, Orjioke is being recruited by Tech as a safety. "I'm 6'4 1/2" and weigh 223 pounds so that is the position where they like me." Kenny was able to watch film and talk with Coach Al Groh and Coach Charles Kelly and he feels he could learn a lot from them.

Ole Miss is the other school that is showing a lot of interest in Kenny. "They like me as hybrid outside linebacker." Kenny is also hearing from Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi State, East Carolina, Duke, and Clemson. "Recently Stanford sent in a request for my transcripts so that signals they are interested in me as well."

Orjioke has an idea who his favorites are but prefers not to name them at this time. "I am a little hesitant in putting out an official list as I don't want to scare off any potential school from looking at me."

In sticking with team goals, Kenny will probably wait until his season is over before making a decision. "I want to give everything I have to my team this year without any distractions." Top Stories