Faith Is a Raw, But Powerful Athlete

Lake Forest Academy (Illinois) defensive lineman Faith Ekakitie has been one recruit that is hard to reach. Today spoke with his head Coach Ted Stewart. Coach Stewart has many good things to say about Faith and told us that he is down to about eight or nine schools. Faith is looking for a school that has both good academics and good football.

Coach Stewart describes Faith Ekakitie in one word…raw. "He has only played the game for about three years now and is still learning the little things about the game that makes good players great players." Ekakitie is an excellent athlete and he uses that great athleticism to over come any thing that he doesn't already know. "I feel he will be an excellent player at the next level and I know that I am hoping and looking forward to his continued improvement as we go through our season."

Faith's performance in the team's opening loss is an example of how good he is getting. "Faith had 8 solo tackles, 4 assisted tackles, and one tackle for a loss in our 14-12 loss". Faith is the nose guard in Lake Forest's 3-4 defense.

The nose guard position is one that Faith could be playing in college. "He could play that position, or he could play tackle or defensive end." Ekakitie does a lot of 2 gapping and stunting and Coach Stewart feels he is very capable of playing anywhere along the line. "Given his size, I feel he would be a very good nose guard."

Ekakitie has about eight or nine schools that are recruiting him very hard. "Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, Penn State, Illinois, Boston College, Oregon, and Vanderbilt are the ones I can recall of the top of my head." Ekakitie has already set up official visits to Boston College and Oregon.

Even though Oregon and Boston College are getting official visits, they are not his favorites. "He is very open to all the schools recruiting him hard right now."

In addition to the planned official visits to Boston College and Oregon, he will also be taking some unofficial visits. "We've talked about that and it seems like we will be going to a school like Wisconsin or Northwestern as they are both well within easy driving distance." Wisconsin is about two hours away and Northwestern would be even closer for Ekakitie.

Georgia Tech is the only school on his list that is from the south. "Despite being the only school from the south, he likes them a lot and he keeps in contact with the coaches down there." Stewart feels that Faith could as easily end up at Georgia Tech as he could any of the other schools he has listed.

"I do know that academics is the top factor for him or is the second most important factor in his recruitment," said Stewart. Ekakitie values his education and does well in the classroom. "He doesn't slack off when it comes to his class work."

Coach Stewart is looking for Faith to make his decision at the end of his senior season. "Personally I feel he will make it around Thanksgiving. I hope he doesn't take much longer than that." Ekakitie will focus on his season and then get down to his recruitment hard as soon as our season is over. Top Stories