Coach Pletcher on Traveon Henry

Fort Lauderdale, Florida athlete Traveon Henry has reached a point in his recruitment where he prefers to not talk to the media. He hasn't done much in the way of interviews with any writer and according his high school coach they do not talk about his recruitment that much. Coach Jim Pletcher spoke with about what he knows about Traveon's recruitment.

"To be honest with you Traveon is at a place in his recruitment that is basically only talking with his family. In fact we don't talk about how his recruiting that much." Traveon Henry still asks his coach about a particular school or coach and how he feels about them. He also asks him how I might handle something but not much more than that.

"I do know that he has a few schools he is looking at right now and wants to visit them to learn as much about them as he can so he can make the best, more informed decision he possibly can." Over 55 schools stopped by their preseason camp to see Henry.

"I really don't know all of the schools on his list. That is something that he would have to give out." Coach Pletcher does know a few of them and the coaches involved. Pletcher knows that one of those schools is Georgia Tech.

"I know his recruiting coach, Coach Buzz Preston and Traveon likes him very much." Pletcher likes that Coach Preston has been so up front and honest with Henry. "I really respect Coach Preston and like him a lot myself." Pletcher knows that Coach Preston has the best interests of Traveon in mind when they talk about his future. Pletcher knows that the decision for Henry will not be just a four year decision.

Coach Pletcher also knows Tech head coach, Coach Paul Johnson, having coached against him when he was at James Madison. "Coach Johnson is a great coach. He knows talent when he sees it and he'll not tell you something just because he thinks you want to hear it. Pletcher is confident that Coach Johnson would get the best out of Henry. "Traveon would be in great hands if he were to choose Georgia Tech."

Henry is putting a lot of emphasis on academics in making his decision. "His brother played at Yale for two years as an outside linebacker, so he knows the value of a degree from a school that has high academic standards." Henry carries a 3.5 GPA and he excels in the classroom. "When Traveon says he is looking for a school that has great academics, then he means it and is speaking the truth and not a cliché."

Schools are looking at Henry as both a safety and a running back. Coach Pletcher knows that Henry could play either in college and do well. "He loves to hit as a safety and as a running back he doesn't avoid hits." Henry will ultimately be recruited by many schools to come in as an athlete.

Traveon is the starting safety, running back and punter for Pine Crest. "I kid you not he has a foot and can boom the ball as a punter." Pletcher also believes that if he needed him at linebacker he would be the starter. "Traveon is a special athlete. He is a three sport athlete for us." Henry was county MVP as a point guard for the basketball team and he also runs track in addition to playing football.

Traveon has not set a time to make his decision. "It could in one month or three months." Henry has excellent family and they are not pressuring him into a decision. Henry's family is giving him all the support he needs. "You couldn't ask for a better student, player, and a family behind him than what Traveon is and has." Top Stories