Kenny Orjioke Takes In Game At Georgia Tech

Lassiter (Georgia) athlete Kenny Orjioke is piling up offers even though he has a very limited football playing experience. Kenny has recently picked up five offers to go along with the ones from Georgia Tech and Ole Miss. The latest offer came from Tennessee. Kenny attended the Georgia Tech-Kansas game and talked about the visit.

"Since we last spoke I have picked up five more offers with the most recent coming from Arizona State and Tennessee. In addition to those from Georgia Tech and Ole Miss, Kenny has picked up offers from North Carolina State, North Carolina, East Carolina.

Kenny Orjioke made a return visit to Georgia Tech for the Kansas game and described the visit as awesome. "I had a really great time. I loved seeing Georgia Tech putting up all the points and yardage in the game and really loved how the defense came out in the 2nd half and shut down an undefeated Kansas team. The atmosphere was great and I just really enjoyed my time."

In addition to watching the game, Kenny had a chance to talk with Coaches Charles Kelly, Al Groh, Joe Speed, and head Coach Paul Johnson. "Coach Johnson told me that I'm the type of player that Georgia Tech looks for and wants play for them. Knowing that really made me feel real good."

Orjioke talked with Coach Kelly about how he teaches the safeties to play and had him watch how they do it. "I talked with my recruiting coach (Mike Sewak) too and they were all very personal and up front with me That is the way I like it."

Kenny had plans to take an official visit to Arizona State this weekend but they wanted him to reschedule the visit. "Right now I am planning on taking the week off from recruiting and relaxing a bit. Most likely my next visits will be to another game."

Even though he's lived in both California and Georgia, location will not be a major factor in making his decision. "That is something that is very minor in my recruiting plans. I just want to feel really welcomed at the school I choose not only by the coaches but also by the players and students."

Kenny will use his visits to talk to the coaches and players at those schools. "Basically it will come down to which school I feel most comfortable with and get along with players and coaches at the school the best."

"I know I don't have a lot of football experience but all the schools I have offers from have great coaches and I know there are a few out there that can get the best out of me and really teach me to become a better player." Academics will also play a big role in Orjioke's decision. Top Stories