Brandon Kublanow Enjoys Big Game In Atlanta

Walton High School (Georgia) offensive lineman Brandon Kublanow is considered one of the top offensive linemen in Georgia for the 2013 class. Brandon was a guest at Georgia Tech this past weekend for the Kansas game. The visit and offer from Tech vaulted them into his top five.

The visit gave Brandon Kublanow a chance to get to know the school and the coaches better. "I got a chance to tour the facilities and talk with the coaches especially my recruiting coach, Coach Bohannon. I really liked the atmosphere at the game. The crowd was into the game and it made it an exciting time."

Brandon's talk with Bohannon led to an offer from Georgia Tech. "He said that they really like me for their system and he extended an offer to me." Kublanow rated the visit a 9. "I had a really good time. The fans got into the game and even though the stadium is smaller than others they fill it up nicely and are very loud and support their team."

Brandon talked about the assumption that he may eventually end up at Georgia. "While I like Georgia, I do know that there are many other schools out there that can be the school for me. Georgia Tech is one of the schools that I am openly considering."

Brandon went on to say that he doesn't think the assumption that he is going to Georgia is a correct one. "I will visit other schools and make the best decision for me based off how I feel about the schools. It might be Georgia or it could one of many other schools that I really do like at this point."

The Tech coaches have not made a decision on where they would play Brandon on the offensive line. "I talked to a lineman that is red shirting and he says they like to start you out at center and move you around and put you in the position that fits you and the team best for their system. I've notice that the tackles there do not have to be these guys that are 6'' 5" and over 300 pounds. I noticed one of the tackles was around 6' 2" and it really works for them." Most schools are recruiting Brandon as a center or guard.

Kublanow may be making a return visit to Tech for the North Carolina game. "I plan on going to Auburn or Georgia Tech again this weekend. I will have to see which one works out for me." Brandon also has plans to visit Georgia for their game against Mississippi State and then visit Florida, Alabama, and Vanderbilt. "I have a long ways to go before I have to make a decision and I want to make as many visits as I can to really see which school fits me the best."

It had been reported that Brandon had a top five but that may not be the case. "I have quite a few schools that I really do like. There are really too many at this point narrow it down to a top five. I am genuinely open to these schools on my list." Top Stories