Chaz Thornton Names His Top Two

Stephens County running back Chaz Thornton is putting up huge numbers this season. Following his game Friday night, in which he rushed for 247 yards,Thornton made the trip to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech-Kansas game. Chaz came away impressed with what he saw from the A-back position in Coach Paul Johnson's offense.

Chaz Thornton enjoyed everything about the trip to Atlanta. "I really enjoyed my time there. I had a blast. I got a chance to see the school and facilities and talk with players and coaches. I really loved my time over in Atlanta."

One of the things that made an impression on Chaz was the atmosphere in the stadium. "The fans were great and I like the fact that they are recruiting me as an A-Back." Thornton also had a chance to talk with the coaches, players, and other recruits at the game.

Chaz spent most of his time talking with Coach Todd Spencer and Coach Lamar Owens. "Coach Spencer is a great guy and really made me feel at home while I was there. Coach Owens talked with me about playing the A-back position.

The game impressed Thornton to the point where he could see himself playing A Back in the Georgia Tech offense. "Number 17, Orwin Smith really showed me that a running back can get a lot of touches either running the ball or catching it in this offense. I was impressed at how important the A-backs are in Coach Johnson's system." Chaz liked the possibilities of putting up big numbers in the Tech offense.

While he didn't get an offer on the visit, Chaz feels one could be coming. "They said an offer wouldn't be something I should be worrying about."

The visit to Georgia Tech was one of many that Thornton will be taking this season. "I am trying to set up some visits to Clemson, Vanderbilt, and Auburn. Chaz may be traveling to Clemson this weekend but he hasn't finalized his plans.

The visit to Tech put them at the top of his list. He named two schools when asked about his favorites. "I like Georgia Tech and Tennessee the best. I feel Georgia Tech is a school and football program that fits me well and I like my time when I was up at Tennessee."

The Tennessee coaches made Chaz feel at home on his recent visit. "They are recruiting me as either a running back or they may try me at slot back. I know it is a long time until I have to decide but Georgia Tech and Tennessee are my two favorites right now." Top Stories