Ryan Watson Has Top 4 with Doors Still Open

Good Counsel High School (Maryland) lineman Ryan Watson is being recruited to play both offensive and defensive line. Ryan has well over 20 offers from across the nation. He has narrowed his list of offers but is leaving the door open to a few others.

Ryan Watson has four schools in mind when talking favorites. "I have narrowed my list down to a top four of Purdue, Michigan State, Penn State, and Pitt. I am hearing a lot from these schools and right now they are my top schools."

At one time Watson considered attending the same school as his teammate and Georgia Tech commit Roderick Chungong. Naming a top four minus Tech has not eliminated them from contention. "I have the top four but I am still considering Georgia Tech." Watson's admiration for Tech defensive coordinator Al Groh and the fact that Chungong is committed there helps keep Tech in contention. "Coach Groh sends me mail or we talk when we can. They are still very much in the running."

It wouldn't take anything special for Tech to be added to his list of favorites. "They are recruiting me to play defense and that is a plus. I am being recruited to play both on the offensive side and defensive side but if I had a preference it would be on the defensive side." Watson hopes to be able to talk more to Coach Groh. Watson is being recruited to play nose tackle in the 3-4 used by Tech.

Watson likes the idea of Pitt becoming a new member of the ACC. "I think it is great because if I did choose them I would get a chance to play against and see some of my teammates that have committed to ACC schools like Roderick."

Watson has a visit planned to attend a Big Ten game. "The only visit that I know I will make in the next month will be to Purdue." Watson has no other visits planned."

Ryan has not set up a specific date to make his decision. "I'll just make a decision when the time feels right and I feel I have found the perfect school." Watson doesn't want to back himself into a corner about making a decision. "I know I have a top four but I am still keeping some options open on other schools where a teammate has committed or where I have a good bond with the coaches."

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