The Big Picture Summary wraps up its football recruiting rundown with a final look at the class in total. From A-back to line to defensive backs, it's an assembly of all the pieces to give a holistic view of what the 2012 recruiting class will look like. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the outgoing seniors and the expected incoming freshmen.

2012 Seniors: 11
OL: None
QB: None
A/B-back: Roddy Jones, Embry Peeples, Marcus Wright, Preston Lyons
WR: Tyler Melton
DL: Jason Peters, Logan Walls
LB: Steven Sylvester
DB: Rashaad Reid, Michael Peterson
P/K: Chandler Anderson

Other Open Scholarships: 5

Total Current Open Scholarships: 16
There are no players expected to leave the program at this time. However, it is fairly typical to see 2-3 leave after each season and expects that this will likely be the case again this year.

Attrition Expected: 2
Expected Open Scholarships: 18

Current Commits (Remaining Open Slots):
OL (1): Will Adams, Chase Roberts
QB (0): Dennis Andrews
A/B-back (1): Marcus Allen
WR(0): Michael Summers
DL (1): Roderick Chungong, Pat Gamble, Francis Kallon
LB(1): Junior Gnonkonde, Tyler Stargel
DB(1): Antonio Crawford
P/K: None

Currently, the number of expected open slots at each position totals up to 5. expects these slots to be filled and then the remaining 2 will go to "best available" type players. There are some players on the board that would be taken regardless of whether that position has had its quota filled.

Remainder of the Class Projections:
OL: Michael Flint
Georgia Tech coaches are still evaluating this position and may not take any additional recruits. Instead, they may shift other players to the DL from the OL.

QB: None
Devin Fuller is the only candidate and he looks to be leaning elsewhere at this point.

A/B-Back: Traveon Henry, Shadrach Thornton
Notes: With the expected numbers at DB, expects to see Henry moved over to A/B-back. Meanwhile, Shadrach Thornton has committed to UK. However, we don't think that counts him out just yet. Ultimately, we think he still joins Georgia Tech. This is far from a lock, though. Also, Tevin Coleman and Jevon Tyree are still on the board. However, there are concerns over grades and test scores that may prevent them from being options.

WR: None
No additional players are being looked at for this position.

DL: Dalvin Tomlinson
Notes: Faith Ekakitie and Ryan Watson both remain on the board. But, we expect both to head to the Big 10. Of interest, K'Hadree Hooker has re-entered the picture – apparently not happy with NCSU at this point. DeAngelo Brown and Josh Manley remain in play and are still being recruited in the event that the class does not pan out as expected. The biggest obstacle for both Brown and Manley are going to be their grades.

LB: Alex McAlister
McAlister consistently has UF and GT as his co-leaders. believes that UF has now given him an offer at this point.

DB: Kenny Orjioke, Elijah Shumate
Georgia Tech is still heavily involved with Elijah Shumate and to a slightly lesser extent Yuri Wright. We think that Shumate's commitment will also move Traveon Henry to offense. Wright is also a player that GT would make room to accommodate should he commit. Additionally, it should be noted that Orjioke is fairly young (16 years old) and his growth could lead him to be considered at OLB. Last, Orjioke has seen a lot of increased attention from other schools and is enjoying the recruiting process a good bit (not surprising) and may not be as solid a lean to GT as he was thought to be just a few weeks ago. Top Stories