A DeVine Visit To Atlanta This Weekend

Tri-Cities (Atlanta) two way lineman Shamire Devine has received a lot of attention despite the fact he is just a junior. Both in-state schools and several schools from the southeast are recruiting Shamire. Shamire will be attending his first college game this coming weekend.

Shamire DeVine and his teammates have started the season with a 5-2 record. Devine is contributing to the team by playing offensive and defensive end.

Devine has a group of five southeastern schools that are recruiting him. "I'm hearing from Georgia Tech, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Vanderbilt has just started recruiting me." Devine is not ready to name a leader from those five schools. "I am getting about the same interest from all the schools at this point."

Despite the fact that he plays both offense and defense, all the schools recruiting Devine like him as an offensive lineman. "All the schools I am hearing from are recruiting me to play offensive tackle except for Georgia Tech and they are recruiting me to play guard in their offense."

The position he plays is not of major importance to Shamire. "I'll play anywhere they want me to play as long as I can get out on the field and contribute."

Devine has yet to take any visits this season. Tri-Cities has been playing most of their games on Saturdays which has kept Devine from attending any games. "This weekend I am going to the Georgia Tech and Maryland game in Atlanta. I am looking forward to seeing Georgia Tech in action and watch them play."

Devine continues to talk about playing his college ball with teammates Marcus Adams and Jeremi Hall. "We've talked about it and it is something that we'd like to happen if it is possible."

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