Jeremi Hall Feeling Comfortable On The Flats

Tri-Cities offensive lineman Jeremi Hall was a recent visitor to Georgia Tech to watch them play Maryland. Hall attended the game with his teammate and fellow offensive lineman Shamire Devine. Both 2013 recruits have verbal offers from Tech.

Jeremi Hall is becoming familiar with Georgia Tech following an appearance at their summer camp and a follow-up visit in July to see more of the campus. The return visit was a good one for Hall. "I really enjoyed it a lot. I had a really good time."

Following the game, Hall had a chance to talk with the coaches and players in the locker room. "The locker room is top notch and the players all made me feel right at home."

Jeremi talked with Tech offensive linemen Omoregie Uzzi, Phil Smith and Errin Joe on his visit to the locker room. Smith taught Hall a new stance which he is now using. "I had a blast talking with them and really felt like a part of the group. They are great guys."

After talking with the players, Hall met with Tech offensive line coaches Todd Spencer and Mike Sewak. "Coach Spencer is a card, he keeps us in a good mood all the time." Both coaches let Hall know that they project him as a guard in their offense. "I just know I feel real comfortable around them and feel at ease with them."

The visit to Georgia Tech for the Maryland game won't be the only one for Hall this season. "I am coming back for the Clemson game on the 29th. The Tech coaches there have told Hall that he is invited to attend all of their remaining home games.

Jeremi is also working on a visit to Florida. "I have tickets to go to a Florida game. I just need to find a time and a way to get down to Florida." Hall would also like to visit Tennessee and Vanderbilt but those plans might have to wait until next season.

Hall has been receiving a lotof attention from schools around the south. "I have two shoe boxes full of letters and mail from schools." Jeremi has received verbal offers from Georgia Tech, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He also feels that Vanderbilt is close to offering. They want Hall to visit before they extend an offer.

Georgia Tech, Florida, and Tennessee are the three schools that Hall feels are recruiting him the hardest right now. "Georgia Tech is recruiting me the hardest out of those three." Top Stories