Chase Roberts Strong With His Commitment

Offensive lineman Chase Roberts committed to Georgia Tech months ago, knowing that he made the right decision, and his commitment remains as strong as ever. He's spent a lot of time on the Flats and can't wait until he's a student and Yellow Jacket football player.

The senior from Greater Atlanta Christian in Norcross has visited Tech for nearly every home game this season, with the exception of the Yellow Jackets' game against Kansas. With a family connection to the university and the preparations in place to become a GT student himself, Roberts is trying to spend as much time as he can on campus.

"It's really unbelievable," Roberts said about the reality of being a student at Georgia Tech in less than a year. "It's starting to set in."

But Chase Roberts is also attempting to focus on his high school team until the season ends. His Greater Atlanta Christian team is currently 7-0 and rolling, so Roberts has plenty to consume his attention during the week.

Coach Andy McCollum visited Roberts at his school a week ago, and the 2012 recruit is happy to see the Tech coaches continuing to check in on him as he gets through his final year of high school.

One of Roberts' goals as he prepares for life on the Flats is increasing his weight and working on his quickness so he can be the fastest offensive guard possible. He said the coaches have given him a ballpark of about 290 pounds, or somewhere in that neighborhood. Roberts believes he is checking in at just under 290 pounds these days, so he is making it a personal goal to get back to 290 before he graduates.

Of course, Roberts is pleased with the results of GT Football on the field so far this season and wasn't deterred by their loss to Virginia on Saturday.

"It was too bad to see them lose, but I'm sure they'll bounce back," Roberts said. Top Stories