Final Five for Elijah Shumate

Don Bosco Prep safety Elijah Shumate and his teammates have gone undefeated thus far this season. Shumate has gotten attention from programs around the county but is now getting closer to concentrating on a smaller group of schools as he's now narrowed his list to five schools.

Elijah Shumate is looking to make a strong run in the playoffs as Don Bosco looks to improve on their 6-0 record. "It would be a great way to head off to college, as a state champion."

Elijah is happy with the progress he's made with his recruitment. "Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Rutgers, and Oklahoma are just a few I am hearing from a lot." South Carolina and Rutgers are two of the schools that are showing him strong interest. "I am hearing from Coach Mangus from South Carolina either by phone or e-mail and a lot of the coaches from Rutgers talk me a lot."

Shumate has also built a strong bond with Coach Charles Kelly and Coach Joe Speed at Georgia Tech. "Coach Kelly and I talk a lot and he is very open with me telling me how much he would like to see me in the white and gold. He is a very cool guy and I do like him a lot." Shumate feels that is a plus for Georgia Tech.

The bond with the Tech coaches has put them in Shumate's top five. What schools are in Elijah's top five? "In no particular order, my top five are Rutgers, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Illinois, and Oklahoma. Shumate's college choice will come from those five schools.

Elijah will be taking a close look at the coaching staffs at those schools when making his decision. He is also looking for a team with good chemistry. "I want the school I pick to have a great academic reputation." Shumate is also looking be able to make some impact as a freshman. "I don't want it handed to me or promised to me, just to get me there; I want a chance to come in and earn it and be able to make a difference as freshman."

Shumate's next visit will be to South Carolina on November 12th. He will also be visiting Illinois in December. "Georgia Tech has talked to me about coming in after the season is over when they plan on having a big recruiting weekend and I am looking forward to making that visit."

The schools recruiting Elijah will have to wait until January for his decision. "I will be announcing my decision on January 7th at the Army All-American game." Top Stories