Corey Vereen Favoring One School Early

West Orange High School, Winter Garden, Florida is the home of defensive end/linebacker Corey Vereen... The junior has one offer from Minnesota but has many more schools across the nation are recruiting him. recruiting him. Georgia Tech is one of those schools.

Georgia Tech linebacker coach Joe Speed was a recent visitor at West Orange to evaluate Corey Vereen. "I understand that Georgia Tech is very interested in me." Tech is looking for Vereen to make a return visit to Atlanta in order for them to get to know each other better.

Coach Speed took a look at Corey's academics and will be receiving film of Vereen's recent games. "Coach Speed told my coach that they want me to send film of my last games so the staff can evaluate it and see about offering me."

Vereen feels that he could be getting an offer from Tech. "The signs that I see point towards Georgia Tech offering me."

Corey's interest in Georgia Tech seems to be as strong as their interest in him. "I like the fire I see in the whole coaching staff. Coach Groh is a great defensive coach and I like him a lot so that is plus."

Vereen plans on majoring in computer science so that is another big plus for Georgia Tech. "I like the way the football team is playing and I like the academics at Georgia Tech." Both would be big pluses if Tech were to offer Corey.

Georgia Tech is looking at Vereen as a linebacker. The 16 year old recruit is already 6'2"-230. "Linebacker is a position I could play with no problems."

Minnesota is the only school to offer Vereen thus far but he is receiving interest from schools around the south. "Besides Georgia Tech and Minnesota, I am hearing from Florida, Florida State, South Carolina, Clemson, Miami, Duke, Tennessee, Central Florida, and South Florida."

Even though he is wide open right now, there is one school that has the attention of Vereen. "I am favoring Georgia Tech a lot right now."

Corey has taken one visit thus far to Georgia Tech for their recent game with Clemson. A return visit may be in the works. "I may make another game at Georgia Tech; if not I will visit them during the off season to see more of the school and campus." Vereen will also visitMinnesota in the off-season. Top Stories