UPDATED Big Picture - A-back/B-Back

GoJackets.com renews its series to help you get a view of the big picture in recruiting. Given the recent events at A-back and B-back, it's time again to refresh the scenarios for the running back corps. We'll continue to update the board as events warrant.

Current A-Back Depth Chart (by seniority):
2 seniors - Roddy Jones, Embry Peeples
1 junior - Orwin Smith
2 sophomores - B.J. Bostic, Robbie Godhigh
3 freshmen - Deon Hill, Tony Zenon, Broderick Snoddy

Current B-Back Depth Chart (by seniority):
1 senior - Preston Lyons
1 junior - Richard Watson
1 sophomore - David Sims
1 freshman - Charles Perkins (possible return of Zach Laskey from safety)

Expected 2012 Class Open Slots: 2
Current Commits: Marcus Allen
Remaining Slots: 1
Prospects (projected odds of commitment with an open slot):
Tevin Coleman – The 3-star running back is ranked #45 by Scout.com. Coleman had – at one point - named GT as his favorite. However, since that time, the coaching staff has reviewed his transcripts/scores and is concerned about how well he would survive at Georgia Tech. They are continuing to monitor his progress in the classroom. The GT coaches like him on the edge as an A Back to use his 4.48 speed. His speed and ability to break tackles are his strengths Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and West Virginia are also schools of interest for Coleman. He plans on making his decision following his official visits. (Leaning Elsewhere)

Miles Jones – The currently unranked running back is in a bit of an odd situation as he is playing for Allatoona HS. Allatoona HS is only in their second year of playing football and as a result, Jones has been flying well under the radar as most colleges have not scouted them much (if at all). Jones has 1935 yards and 26 touchdowns in 11 games thus far. His latest effort was for 256 yards in his team's first round playoff game. Jones' visit date is incumbent on how far his team progresses in the playoffs. Jones is expected receive an offer on his visit and will in all likelihood commit on the spot. The GT coaches are hoping to keep him under the radar as long as possible. (We Lead)

Shadrach Thornton – The 3 star running back is ranked #80 by Scout.com. Earlier in the fall, Thornton committed to Kentucky. But, he has since switched his commitment to North Carolina State. Previously, it was felt that GT had the inside edge on Thornton's services. However, a recent visit to GT where Thornton laid out some strong desires around how often he carries the ball has turned the relationship with the coaches a bit sour. As such, Thornton is likely out of the picture for Georgia Tech. (No Chance)

Jevon Tyree – The 3 star player is ranked #24 by Scout.com as a cornerback. Most schools are recruiting him as an athlete. But, Coach Johnson likes him as a running back. Tyree was impressed with Atlanta and GT on his visit and he named GT as one of his favorites earlier this fall. However, Tyree is ina similar situation as Coleman with regard to his grades. He is also being watched for classroom progress prior to an offer forthcoming. The home school of Rutgers has to be considered one of the favorites along with Wisconsin, and Oregon. His 4.3 speed makes him a perfect fit for the A Back position. He has scheduled an official to GT. Tyree doesn't plan on making his decision until December. (Unlikely But Possible)

Likelihood of committing is rated in 1 of 6 categories:
1. We Lead
2. We Like Our Chances
3. Could Go Either Way
4. Leaning Elsewhere
5. Unlikely But Possible
6. No Chance

GoJackets.com Best Guesses:
Obviously, Marcus Allen is in the first slot and while he mentions playing A or B-back in his interview, we believe that he'll be a B-back all the way. Given that, Miles Jones is expected to be the likely favorite for what appears to be a single slot at this point. The question will be whether or not Coach Johnson will open up a 3rd slot for an A/B in the event that Coleman or Tyree show enough progress in the classroom.

Notable News Since the Last Update:
Shadrach Thornton has committed to NCSU and had a recent visit to GT which did not go well. He will be dropped from future versions.
Tevin Coleman and Jevon Tyree remain options. But, concerns over grades have crept in and limited their odds of ending up at GT.
Miles Jones has been added and is now the leader for the open slot.
Marcus Wright has already left the team and has been removed from the depth chart above.

Given the number of seniors on the squad when fall practice started for these positions (4), it is interesting that GT only seems to have 2 open slots for A and B-backs. We think that this speaks to the abundance of A-backs on the roster and following 2011, the numbers will even out.

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