Joseph Scelfo: Still No Favorites

North Oconee offensive lineman Joseph Scelfo and his teammates are still alivein the Georgia playoffs. The;longer his senior year has progressed, the more interest he's getting. Joseph has acquired a nice list of offers and is also receiving interest from one of the in-state schools.

Profile - Joseph Scelfo

The playoffs are getting all of Scelfo's attention right now. "We are the #1 seed and this team looks like a good team to get to the Georgia Dome." Appling County is up next for North Oconee. They're a good team but I think we will beat them."

Scelfo's senior season performance has led to his receiving 18 offers. "I am hearing a lot from teams that haven't offered me as well as the teams that have offered me." Rather than leave out a team or two, Joseph didn't try to name them.

Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech are some of the new schools showing him interest. "Georgia Tech has really stepped up their recruitment of me. I talked with Coach Spencer early in the spring and lately I have been talking to Coach Sewak." Scelfo also hears from Georgia from time to time but not often.

Joseph feels that an offer from Georgia Tech is a possibility. "Coach Sewak has told me to be patient and get through my senior year. He said the coaching staff there really likes me as an offensive lineman and that are very interested in me." Scelfo feels an offer is something that will be coming his way after his senior season. "It would be great to get an offer because I do like Georgia Tech a lot."

Joseph is not ready to name any favorites but he does know two of the schools that will get official visits. "I will be going to Louisiana Tech and South Alabama. Scelfo hasn't decided on the other three at this time.

Scelfo will be taking football out of the equation when making his college choice. "I will look at the school and see if I fit in there as if I were a regular student. Then I would add in the football side and see if the two match up and that would be my school."

The schools recruiting Scelfo are looking at him as a center. "That is my favorite position on the line and I feel I play it better than any other place on the line."

"I am playing in the Semper Fidelis All-American game on January 3rd and I feel I will know by then where I will be going." This will take place after "Dirty Joe" has taken all five of his official visits. Top Stories