UPDATED Big Picture - Offensive Line

GoJackets.com is back with another updated episode in the ongoing recruiting class. Today's update is focused on the big guys up front on the offensive line and we'll take a look at who's committed and who is still left on the board.

Current Depth Chart (by seniority):
0 seniors –
3 junior – Phil Smith (R), Omoregie Uzzi (R), Nick McRae (R)
5 sophomores – Raymond Beno (R), Jay Finch (R), J.C. Lanier (R), Will Jackson (R), Tyler Kidney (R)
6 freshmen – Bryan Chamberlain, Shaquille Mason, Trey Braun, Errin Joe, Caitlin Alford (R), Morgan Bailey (R)

Note: Chamberlain, Braun, and Joe are all redshirts in 2011.
(R) = Redshirt

Expected 2012 Class Open Slots: 3

Current Commits:

Chase Roberts is a three star who is ranked as the #32 offensive guard by Scout.com. Roberts was the first offensive to commit to Georgia Tech in the 2012 class. The 6'3"-285 GAC recruit is also ranked as the #8 guard in the south. Roberts made his decision after visiting several ACC and SEC schools. The decision to attend Tech was never in doubt having grown up a fan and following in his dad's foot steps.

Will Adams is an offensive tackle from Sandy Creek. He is considered one of the leaders of the highly ranked Sandy Creek team. Adams took a visit to the Tech campus on July 16th. The 6'5"-280 Adams received an offer on the visit. The visit convinced him that Tech was where he wanted to be. Adams made a return visit the following Friday and gave Coach Paul Johnson his commitment. Adams chose Tech over Kentucky, Louisville, and Memphis.

Remaining Slots: 1

Prospects (Status in terms of commitment):
Freddie Burden is a 6'3"-290 recruit from Statesboro, Georgia. Burden is a recruit that Coach Mike Sewak and the GT coaches have been watching during his senior season. Currently, Burden does not have an offer from GT. He is believed to be 1 of the 2 finalists for the lone scholarship offer that GT has for the OL. In addition to receiving interest from Georgia Tech, Burden is receiving interest from North Carolina State, Florida, Pittsburgh, and Georgia. Burden will be a candidate to play inside and is known to have good hands and a strong base. (We Like Our Chances)

Michael Flint is a three star and is ranked as the #25 offensive guard by Scout.com. He is also ranked as the #5 guard in the south. Flint was originally committed to Auburn but decided to open up his recruitment. His recent visit to Tech has moved them into his top four along with Oregon, Clemson, and Tennessee. The 6'4"-300 Oxford, Alabama recruit is a strong and powerful lineman in the trenches. He is best described as a very intense and physical offensive lineman. He has solid technique, especially in run blocking, but improving his footwork will help him in pass protection. Recent information likely puts Flint in the 3rd spot for the remaining scholarship along the OL. (Unlikely But Possible)

Josh Hess is a two star offensive lineman ranked #144 by Scout.com. Hess is currently committed to Florida International. Hess briefly appeared on the Georgia Tech radar. But, it now appears that he will not be offered and is not a candidate for an offer. (No Chance)

Joseph Scelfo is a Scout.com two star unranked offensive lineman. His play in 2012 has elevated him to 1 of the top 2 candidates for the remaining OL slot. But, he has not yet been offered by GT. His elevated play has also earned him interest from Virginia Tech, West Virginia, and Wake Forest – although none have offered him. Scelfo does have offers from Lousiana Tech and South Alabama and will likely visit them. Its notable that Scelfo's father, Chris Scelfo, is a former OL coach for UGa and currently coaches tight ends for the Atlanta Falcons. His father's former employment at UGa is not a factor as Scelfo seems to have no interest there. (We Like Our Chances)

Likelihood of committing is rated in 1 of 6 categories:
1. We Lead
2. We Like Our Chances
3. Could Go Either Way
4. Leaning Elsewhere
5. Unlikely But Possible
6. No Chance

GoJackets.com Best Guesses:
With 3 slots open, Georgia Tech – barring attrition – will have 17 offensive linemen on scholarship. As such, there is really only room for 1 more lineman beyond the 2 commitments. There have been discussion on whether or not GT would even take a 3rd lineman in this class and at this point that appears to be highly likely (but not guaranteed). Our best guess at this point is really a coin flip between Joseph Scelfo and Freddie Burden although the staff continues to look at possible candidates. Both players have had good senior years. It's not clear at all which of the 2 has the advantage in the coaches' view. Intangibles for Scelfo are that Coach Johnson has a good relationship with the Atlanta Falcons' coaching staff – which includes Chris Scelfo (his father). Meanwhile, Freddie Burden is high school teammates with Georgia Tech commit Michael Summers. If you pinned down the GoJackets.com staff on which OL will end up at GT, we'd pick Scelfo. But, that is almost a complete coin flip at this point.

Notable News Since the Last Update:
Michael Flint has moved down the list of preferred lineman.
Josh Hess made a brief appearance on the radar but is now back off.
Scelfo and Burden both have moved to become the leading candidates for the remaining OL scholarship.


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