Joseph Scelfo Visits Bobby Dodd For Game

North Oconee (GA) offensive lineman Joe Scelfo is an offensive lineman has impressed many schools with a strong showing in his senior season. One of those schools is Georgia Tech. Scelfo was in Atlanta for their final home game of the season. Scelfo described the visit as the best he's had.

"I've been to Georgia Tech a couple of times but this was the best feeling by far I've had." Joseph Scelfo was impressed with the way the coaches went out of their way to make him feel welcome. He enjoyed everything at the game. "It was a very good time." Joe attended the game with some of his teammates.

Scelfo spent time with offensive line coaches Mike Sewak and Todd Spencer. "Both said they were very impressed with how big I have gotten and they were impressed with my senior year. They said that they really liked what they saw of me from the film and games they've seen in person."

An offer was not extended to Scelfo but he expects to get one. "They told me to be patient that everything was looking good for me to get one." Sewak and Spencer talked to Scelfo about coming in for an official visit. "Even though a date hasn't been set, I know I will be going to Georgia Tech for an official visit."

There are a few other schools that Scelfo has in mind for official visits. "The other school I know I will take an official visit to is South Alabama. Other than that, I will use in home visits and talks with coaches to see which schools I will choose to take my other three visits."

Scelfo will begin getting in-home visits now that his senior season has ended. Three of those visits will take place this week. "Wake Forest, Louisiana Tech, and UNC-Charlotte are all coming by for in homes." Scelfo is looking forward to the UNC-Charlotte visit. "Their head coach (Brad Lambert) recruited me when he was at Wake Forest."

Georgia Tech is a school that Scelfo is giving strong consideration. "They have a great reputation not only in football but especially in the academic world and that is important to me." Top Stories