Ramsey Family Has Long Time Connection

Jalen Ramsey has already become a star in the world of college football recruiting. The 2013 cornerback prospect out of Brentwood Academy in Tennessee has already accumulated 11 scholarship offers from schools around the country.

Jalen Ramsey's football talents are well known around Tennessee. This season, there was only one pass thrown in Ramsey's direction that ended in a completion, as most teams chose to venture away from Brentwood's shutdown defender.

While Ramsey didn't receive a whole lot of action on the gridiron this season, he kept himself more than busy visiting college campuses, taking trips to Arkansas State, Tennessee, Kentucky and Auburn.

With a large number of schools keeping in regular contact, Ramsey has not had an opportunity to visit all of the college campuses that he would like.

One school that Ramsey plans to visit in the near future is Georgia Tech.

"I'm definitely going to get down to see them," Ramsey responded when asked about his plans to visit Georgia Tech." "It will most likely be in the spring. I just want to be able to know them better and build a better relationship with them, and see their facilities and everything they have to offer."

Despite the fact that he has never visited the Georgia Tech campus, there is a sense of familiarity between Ramsey and the Yellow Jacket program. In particular, Ramsey feels very close to Tech's recruiting coordinator, Andy McCollum.

"Coach McCollum coached my dad when he went to Middle Tennessee, and I went to like three of his camps when I was a young child, so that is a good relationship."

The fact that Ramsey did not attend a game in Atlanta this year did not keep him from following the Yellow Jackets via television.

"I saw a few of their games this year, and I thought they looked good. I like how they play competitive and hard all the time."

Ramsey has yet to start the process of narrowing down his list of potential suitors, but he does have certain criteria that he is looking for out of his future college.

"How far the school is from my house will be a factor. I don't mind going away, but too far away is different. Academics are of course important, and then just playing time and how good the team is and things like that."

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