Leon McQuay Makes a Quick Visit

2013 safety Leon McQuay visited Georgia Tech last weekend for the rivalry game against UGA. He has picked up many offers along the way, but Georgia Tech is hoping that he will choose to become a Yellow Jacket next year.

Leon McQuay didn't have a lot of time on campus last weekend, but he got to see how the football program runs and he had a chance to see the rivalry in action. "There were some great fans there, and it was a great rivalry," McQuay said.

Aside from the fans, McQuay also had a chance to tour the football facilities before the game, and he said they were great as well. He and his recruiting coach Joe Speed have been in touch recently – McQuay said Speed has advised him on the recruiting process and he has appreciated that.

But some decisions lie ahead for the junior out of Armwood High School in Seffner, Florida. He still has over a year until he has to make his final call, but McQuay has received offers from many of the top programs in the Southeast.

It sounds like Georgia Tech will have to step their game up when it comes to recruiting McQuay if they want him to become a Yellow Jacket, because he didn't seem to know a lot about the Insititute, which probably wasn't helped by his brief visit to campus. If McQuay makes a return visit to the campus on a non-game day, the coaches may have a better chance to show him other parts of the school that may get him even more interested in playing college football in Atlanta.

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