Chaz Thornton Ramps Up Recruiting

Stephens County, Georgia running back Chaz Thornton has seen his recruitment take off following his junior season. Thornton was recently named to the Georgia AAA all-state first team. Now that his season is over Chaz is looking forward to taking some Junior Day visits.

Chaz Thornton is getting frequent e-mails and talks often with the coaches at Georgia Tech. "I also get a lot from the coaches at Tennessee and I am hearing from Clemson, Georgia, and just recently North Carolina State and Duke have stepped up their recruitment of me." Thornton is happy with the direction his recruitment is taking.

Georgia Tech offensive line coach, Todd Spencer talks often to Thornton about how he would fit into Georgia Tech's option offense. "He says he sees me as a LaMichael James and would love to see me at Georgia Tech." Thornton likes what he's hearing from Spencer and has formed a good bond with him. "He is very honest with me."

Tennessee is another school that is recruiting Thornton hard. He has talked often with defensive backs coach, Terry Joseph.

Right now Georgia Tech appears to be Thornton's leader. "I love the fan base there. They get behind their team and are very positive from the times I've been to games there." Thornton attended four games this past season at Georgia Tech. The coaching staff at Tech is another positive in Thornton's eyes. "They are all great guys."

Clemson is a third school that has impressed Thornton. "I love their fan base as well. They are passionate about their team."

With Junior Days scheduled to begin next month, Thornton already has plans to attend three. "I am definitely going to Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Georgia for their Junior Days. Thornton also hopes to attend additional Junior Day events depending on when they're scheduled.

Chaz is also looking ahead to the summer when he'll attend as many camps as possible. "I know I will be going to the camp at Georgia Tech and I'll also set up others."

The possibility of playing the A Back position in the Georgia Tech offense is appealing to Thornton. "I know the A-backs will get touches during the games and I know Tech passes to the A-backs and I can proudly say I did not drop a screen pass to me this year." Stephens County threw very few deep passes to their backs this season.

Now that his junior season is complete, Thornton will stay in shape running track. "I run both the 100 and 400 events and I also run the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400." In the past Thornton played baseball but this year he will concentrate on track to work on his speed. Top Stories